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05 Apr 2012

Don’t drink and fly

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A little kind reminder to all the Easter hags heading to Bl√•kulla today. ūüôā

Don’t find it funny? Maybe you need to read up on Swedish Easter traditions in this old post – HERE, and then I think you might.

04 Apr 2012

Prague highlights

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I know, it’s a lot about Prague right now but I just found this video clip on Youtube taking you through the tourism highlights in the city. It seems like a lovely old city. If we only could find us a nice hotel for a reasonable price. It’s way too much to choose from and the standard doesn’t seem to be as high as in other parts of Europe.


03 Apr 2012


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03 Apr 2012

How rude, or is it?

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Swedes sometimes express themselves or behave in a way that might be perceived as rude by foreigners. One example is the phrase Excuse me. If someone bumps into you, it is more likely that you will hear oj/oops than ursäkta mig (excuse me). When you are talking to a Swedish person and they do not hear what you have said, you will most likely hear a Va? (What?), not excuse me. This does not mean that Swedes are an extremely rude people, it is just means that the phrase ursäkta mig (excuse me) is not so widely used in Sweden.

Swedes are rather direct people. They get straight to the point and tend to tell you exactly what they are up to. If you are having a coffee with a group of people and one of them is a Swede, do not be surprised if the Swede suddenly stands up and announces  that he is going to the toilet so that the whole group can hear. It is not that he thinks you will all want to know, but that he thinks that it would be rude to just get up and leave. Furthermore, if you are going to say something, tell the truth.

02 Apr 2012

Facebook is like boys

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01 Apr 2012

Speaking of running

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Simon and I actually went on our first run together today, though we did walk a fair bit of the 7 km too because of me I must admit. My fitness is not what it should be. But if you never start doing something about it that will never change.

Simon at Löplabbet trying out new runners.

01 Apr 2012

Charity runs

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One difference that I’ve noticed between Sweden and Australia is that there seem to be a lot of runs organised to support charity in Australia (at least in Melbourne) and we don’t really have that here in Sweden (at least not that I know of). Today’s Run for the kids in Melbourne is just one of them.

It’s absolutely sensational. It is really just a wonderful event that ticks all our boxes – it’s about families, it’s healthy, it’s outside in the lovely surrounds of Melbourne … it’s the best fun run in Melbourne. – Good Friday Appeal director Christine Unsworth

In the Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids, the participants choose to run either 14.38 km or a shorter¬†5.2 km. They all have the opportunity to be sponsored by family, friends and workmates and all money raised by sponsored runners will go to the Good Friday Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal. In this year’s seventh annual run the¬† the 33,000 joggers, walkers and runners raised a record high 1.65 million dollars. Well done!