19 Apr 2012

Kay Bojesen – Wooden monkey

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One of my largest interests in life is interior design and I especially like Scandinavian design (go figure). Scandinavia and especially Denmark has been the birthplace of so many talented designers. Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) was one of them and even though he was a silversmith he’s famous for something totally different – wooden toys!

Kay was born in Copenhagen and he graduated as a silversmith in 1910 after completing his apprenticeship at Georg Jensen (another famous Dane). He worked as a silversmith for many years but in the 1930’s he explored his passion for wood.

A product should be round and soft and feel good in your hand and the lines in a design should smile.

That was Kay’s belief and he also wanted his beloved wooden characters to appeal to the child within us all. The animals were never meant to be an exact replica of nature and the most famous and sought after character, the monkey made out of teak is a perfect example of that. With his long arms, slightly bulging stomach and hooks for hands and feet, few fail to be charmed by the little wooden animal.

It was over 50 years ago that this design classic first came to life but it’s still manufactured today by the Danish company Rosendahl. Good for me since I find it adorable and really, really want one. 🙂


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