03 Apr 2012

How rude, or is it?

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Swedes sometimes express themselves or behave in a way that might be perceived as rude by foreigners. One example is the phrase Excuse me. If someone bumps into you, it is more likely that you will hear oj/oops than ursäkta mig (excuse me). When you are talking to a Swedish person and they do not hear what you have said, you will most likely hear a Va? (What?), not excuse me. This does not mean that Swedes are an extremely rude people, it is just means that the phrase ursäkta mig (excuse me) is not so widely used in Sweden.

Swedes are rather direct people. They get straight to the point and tend to tell you exactly what they are up to. If you are having a coffee with a group of people and one of them is a Swede, do not be surprised if the Swede suddenly stands up and announces  that he is going to the toilet so that the whole group can hear. It is not that he thinks you will all want to know, but that he thinks that it would be rude to just get up and leave. Furthermore, if you are going to say something, tell the truth.

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