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29 Feb 2012

Check it out

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I’ve been working some more on the design of the blog and I’ve started adding some photos from our holiday in Australia onto the photo page. You’ll find the link to the page in the top right corner. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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28 Feb 2012


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It seem to be a one track theme here lately, most posts being about barbecues in one way or the other . We found a barbecue at Bauhaus this weekend called Melbourne. ūüôā Read more

28 Feb 2012

At the vet

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I just dropped off Pollux at the vet to get his teeth cleaned. He has quite a bit of calculus (in Swedish tandsten). Read more

26 Feb 2012

Beautiful Saturday

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It was a beautiful spring day yesterday. The sun was out, it was around 10 degrees and the sky was blue. We took a long walk in the nice weather in the morning and then went to my brother’s and Linda’s for a lunch BBQ.

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24 Feb 2012


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24 Feb 2012

Smokey Joe

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We’re prepared. Spring can come whenever he/she wants now because yesterday, Smokey Joe moved in.

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23 Feb 2012

Like a Swede

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This photo has been around Facebook the last week but¬† I have to post it here too. Yes, it’s exaggerative but still it’s a little bit true which makes it funny,¬† even for me as a Swede.

23 Feb 2012

It’s a princess!

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The news that is all over the media today in Sweden is of course the royal birth.¬† Prince Daniel held a press conference where he announced that his and Crown Princess Victoria’s daughter was born at 4.26am this morning.¬† Big royal media frenzy to be expected.

The name of the little Princess, Sweden’s future Queen, will according to tradition, be announced tomorrow by HM the King.¬† What do you think her name will be? I think it has to be a classic Swedish name and she’ll have a traditional royal name like Ingrid or Desire√© at least as¬† a middle name.


20 Feb 2012


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We had our first BBQ for the year last night at my brother’s.¬† Beautiful lamp chops served with Jamie Oliver’s lovely potatoes dressed with chilli and feta cheese. Yummy!

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15 Feb 2012


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The Swaussie blog has existed since June 2010 but I’ve been blogging in different blogs since 2007.¬† I’ve been loyal to since the start but I feel like I’ve outgrown the site and it is time for a change so therefore I’m trying something new. We now have our own domain and we now run the blog on WordPress instead. The old Swaussie blog has been transferred here so you’ll still be able to find our old posts in the archive. I’ll keep tweaking the design until I’m happy, so bare with me if the blog looks like a construction site until I’m done.

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