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30 Jan 2012

Doggy Kindy

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Pollux had his first day at kindy today, a half day introduction. Apparently there were no issues what so ever and he seemed to like it. He got along with the other dogs and behaved well during the walk. 🙂

26 Jan 2012

Happy Australia Day!

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25 Jan 2012

Ready for battle

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Alright, I’m getting sick and tired of this cold. I’ve been home from work two days now and I don’t feel much better at all. No fever today but I sneeze and I have a soar throat, a runny nose and as of today I also cough. Time to bring out the big guns and hope I go victorious from the battle, sooner rather than later. On a more positive note though, last night was the first night since we came back that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep again. Maybe the jetlag is giving in. *fingers crossed*

25 Jan 2012

Al Pitcher Fika tour

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We’ve just booked tickets to go see stand up comedian Al Pitcher on his Fika tour. Al Pitcher is a Kiwi now living here in Sweden, in Stockholm. We’ve written about him earlier HERE. We find him really funny and we really look forward to the show in Skövde on February 18.

24 Jan 2012

Comfy camping

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The same day we arrived in Melbourne after leaving Adelaide we took the train and bus up to Strathmerton (around 240 km from Melbourne) to go camping along the Murray River. We had a couple of nice days just hanging out at camp. It was relaxing doing nothing, just sit around the fire talking, go for a swim, read a book, drink beer and watch a movie at night on the big screen. That’s what I call comfy camping.

It’s pretty by the river.

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24 Jan 2012


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I heard yesterday that a 17 year old (stupid, sorry but she was) girl recently got killed by a tram here in Gothenburg. Apparently she had tried to take a shortcut climbing in between two cars on a tram that was standing still waiting on a passing tram. She got stuck when the tram started moving again, was run over and tracigally died of her injuries.

This made me think about a campaign I saw in Melbourne on the Yarra trams aiming to get people more aware about the trams and to prevent pedestrians from being easily distracted when using mobile phones or listening to music.

If a rhinoceros on a giant skateboard was heading your way, you’d get out of the way, right? Well guess what, a tram weighs about the same as 30 rhinos so it’s not something you want to get hit by.

24 Jan 2012

In a lamb Barbie world

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Remember Sam Kekovich and his Australia Day lamb campaigns (we’ve written about them earlier – HERE)? Well, this year is no different than the last seven and with Australia Day coming up on Thursday (Jan 26) I though I’ll share this year’s campaign video. Pretty funny if you ask me. 🙂

Barbie is, for you who don’t know it, the Australian slang word for barbecue.

22 Jan 2012

Rude awakening

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Leaving a sunny 27 degree Melbourne after having had a month of great warm weather and come home to Sweden was a rude awakening. Apparently the weather has been pretty mild while we’ve been gone but yesterday, on our first day back home, the weather Gods decided it was time for a change. We had around 10 cm of snow yesterday and a temperature around -2 degrees Celsius. I don’t think -2 has ever felt as cold as it did yesterday. It will take some getting used to, to adapt for Swedish winter. We miss sunny Australia.

21 Jan 2012


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We had a big surprise at the airport on Friday arvo when we arrived. We thought my brother would pick us up but instead mum and Bo decided to come up and welcome us. They had Pollux with them at the airport and he was very happy to see us, jumping straight up in our arms. We also had a cleaned apartment waiting for us as well as dinner cooked so after a shower and some food we were ready for bed….at 8pm. 🙂

07 Jan 2012

Achieve greatly

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