13 Dec 2011

Unpredictable weather

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In the end of last week it was very windy and rainy weather causing lots of drama here in Gothenburg. Now another storm is heading our way with strong winds and up to 20 mm of rain expected and SMHI (Sweden’s Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) has issued a Class 3 warning (the highest there is) particular for the area around Ätran (blue line in pic above) where the water levels are extremely high and there is a high risk of flooding.


Extreme weather conditions that could be very dangerous to the general public, and cause severe disruption to society. The general public is recommended to check tv, radio and the internet for updates.

Why am I telling you this you might ask yourself. It’s because when I look back in a couple of months time I want to remember how crappy the weather was just before we left for Australia. The Adelaide forecast for next week is looking a lot better than the Swedish one above. 🙂

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  1. Reply Emmy says:

    Yay, Australian weather is definitely good right now, Melbourne is expecting a 30 degree weekend! =) hang in there! xx

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