06 Nov 2011

Overseas drivers

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 Given that the subject of driving licenses is discussed a lot here at home I’ve started looking into how it would work for me if I go to Australia. If I understand things correctly there might be some differences between different states but for Victoria the following applies.

Information from VicRoads homepage:


The requirement to change your overseas driver licence to a Victorian driver licence depends on whether your stay in Victoria is temporary or permanent.


If you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas driver licence for as long as it is current providing it is in English or accompanied by an English translation or International Driving Permit. There is no requirement to get a Victorian driver licence.



If you have entered Victoria on a permanent visa, you may drive on your overseas driver licence for:

  • six months from the date you first entered Australia if the permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia; or,
  • six months from the date when the permanent visa was issued to you if the permanent visa was issued to you whilst in Australia.

If you want to continue driving in Victoria after this time you must change your overseas licence to a Victorian driver licence.



To obtain Victorian driver licence you need to make an appointment to undertake a road law knowledge test, hazard perception test (HPT), eyesight test and a drive test at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre. You must complete and pass the road law knowledge test and hazard perception test before you attempt the drive test.


If you hold a driver licence from a recognised country(which Sweden is) you are not required to undertake any tests provided your overseas licence is current or not expired by more than five years. However, you still need to make an appointment to changeover your licence if you are from a recognised country.

Good news for me since I’ll be able to just convert my Swedish license to an Aussie one with an official English translation.

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3 Responses to “Overseas drivers”

  1. Reply Sam says:

    Great news for you!:) Wish Sweden extended the same courtesy to Aussies living in Sweden.

  2. Reply Emmy says:

    Tack för det, då klarar jag mig med mitt svenska =) Kram

  3. Reply Grant says:

    That's excellent news for you. Having had to go through the Swedish testing system after 30 years of driving, I know how tough it can be to go through it all again. That being said, I'm probably in favour of the idea that everyone who arrives into a new country should have to at least sit the theory test for the country they will be driving in. NZ has that rule. I have an Irish friend here in Sweden who has been driving here for 4 years and hasn't got a clue what half of the road signs mean. Scares the daylights out of me.

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