01 Nov 2011

A f*kn joke!

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I’m embarrassed to be Swedish today and the whole story I’m about to share with you is an absolute joke! Simon had his driving test today. We had booked the time online at Körkortsportalen and I had, just to make absolutely sure that everything was in order, called Trafikverket to double check that he would be able to write the written exam in English without ordering it ahead and that the examiner for the driving exam would be able to have the test in English. Yes, no problem. You can choose to do the written test in English once you’re there and the instructor does the driving exam in Swedish or English without you having to book it ahead of time.

Well, maybe you can see where this is going. This morning when he arrived to take the written test it was only available in Swedish. Trafikverket changed their computer systems just days after I spoke to them and now you (apparently) have to book the test in English (or any of the other available languages) ahead of time and it can’t be changed on the spot. What the hell! This was no information that was given to me even though I specifically asked if I needed to specify this when we booked the test. So Simon had to write the test in Swedish, because if he didn’t write it at all he wasn’t allowed to do the driving part of the exam. He did good considering it was in Swedish but not good enough to pass. He (with reason) got really upset and Sweden is not exactly his favorite country right now.

When Simon called me I got upset, frustrated and angry too. The whole situation that he’s allowed to drive on his Aussie license for a year and then has to take a Swedish license doing all these mandatory parts to start with is wrong on so many levels. When they now screw things up concerning the exam it’s just plain embarrassing. I then tried to go into the system and see if I could book a new time for the written exam using the personal code we used last time, only to find out that all old codes sent out before the system change now are invalid and you need to order a new code. Great!

I gave Trafikverket an angry call, though I got some time to compose myself while waiting in the phone queue for 20 minutes. I tried to not be rude to the poor customer service agent that received my call. The problem is that you don’t really get to speak to the right person, someone that can do something about the situation. What she could do was to refund Simon the money he paid for the written exam but there was no chance that they could organize for him to write the test in English today and they couldn’t book him in for a new written test either, not until his driving exam was finished and registered (he’s having it right now). There was no excuse or explanation. So now we just have to wait and see how the driving part goes and then give Trafikverket another call to organize a new written test and take another battle if it can’t happen this week. It’s their screw up so it should be their job to fix it. No hard equation!

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