26 Oct 2011

Penguin jumper

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I just read an article on how a yarn store in New Zealand made an unusual request not long ago. They asked people to knit jumpers for penguins affected by the country’s oil spill off the coast of Tauranga. The oil spill was caused by the grounding of the Greek cargo ship Rena and it’s described as New Zealand’s worst ever environmental disaster.

But how did the jumpers help you might ask yourself (I know I did). The jumpers were not just a fashion statement but was knitted to help the little blue penguins that already had been caught in the spilled oil. The jumper helped protect the birds, preventing them from cleaning their feathers and that way ingesting the toxic oil.

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  1. Reply Tomtens Dotter says:

    Det är lätt att glömma allvaret i det hela när man ser hur söta de är…

    Jävla olja (kan man ju muttra även om man -läs JAG- ändå inte förstår hur vi ska klara oss utan den)

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