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10 Oct 2011

Best vitamin for making friends

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07 Oct 2011

Tea, dinner or supper?

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What do you call your evening meal? A lot of Australians call it tea and since I always call it dinner and was taught that it’s called supper back in school I just had to try to solve the mystery of which one is correct and the difference between them.

According to Kate Fox who’s written the following in her book Watching the English, it has to do with what time you eat and what social class you belong to.

  • If you call it tea, and eat it at around half past six, you are almost certainly working class or of working class origin.
  • If you call the evening meal dinner, and eat it at around seven o’clock, you are probably lower-middle or middle-middle class.
  • If you normally only use the term dinner for rather more formal evening meals, and call your informal, family evening meal supper, you are probably upper-middle or upper class. The timing of these meals tends to be more flexible, but a family supper is generally eaten at around half past seven, while a dinner would usually be later, from half past eight onwards.

To make things even more confusing some people actually use the term dinner to refer to what many other people call lunch. So I guess you can eat ‘breakfast – lunch – dinner‘, ‘breakfast – lunch – tea‘ or perhaps ‘breakfast – dinner – supper‘, ‘breakfast – dinner – tea‘ or why not ‘breakfast – lunch ‘ supper‘.

Well, I said I had to try to solve the mystery and as it turns out it’s not that easy so maybe I just stick to middag (the Swedish word). Yes, we only have one word (or possibly two if you count kvĂ€llsmat). Everyone eats ‘frukost – lunch – middag‘. Easy peasy! 😉

07 Oct 2011

A little bit too early

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We’ve just entered October and already there are snow reports in Sweden. The northern part of Sweden experienced the season’s first winter storm last night resulting in 10 cm of thick, wet and yucky snow on the ground. This caused chaos on the roads since (obviously) no one had put on their winter tires yet and I guess the snow plows wasn’t exactly lined up and ready for this. I see it as a cruel reminder that winter is on its way in a not too distant future and immediately start counting down to our Australia holiday – 75 days to go!

07 Oct 2011

Share a coke with your mate

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Coca Cola has a clever summer campaign in Australia – ‘Share a Coke‘.  Instead of the normal branding 150 popular names are printed on the bottles and cans. Each name also have a special song written to it which you can listen to on the Facebook page. A warning though, they’re really bad! Lol!

If your name isn’t among the 150 you can get a custom can printed on a can for free at one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centres over October and November. Simon and Anna are both available but maybe a Swaussie bottle would have been nice? 😉

A Coke spokeperson said:
Names were chosen to represent a cross section of the Australian population. We used publicly available data to review the most popular names in Australia and ethnic representation in Australia to ensure the diversity of our multi-cultural nation was represented appropriately.

As I said very clever and I’m sure it will boost Coca Cola’s sales. How long do you reckon it takes before we can se name bottles in the rest of the world too?
06 Oct 2011

Think outside the box

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06 Oct 2011

Damn cancer

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05 Oct 2011

Sneak peak on holiday

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I’m working on uploading the photos from the Sweden part of the holiday but until that’s done here is a sneak peak.

The Town Hall in Stockholm

Visiting Karlshamn and my family

04 Oct 2011

Vill du ha vin istÀllet?

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04 Oct 2011

National Cinnamon Bun Day 2011

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Just want to remind you about the National Cinnamon Bun Day. So make sure you eat at least one yummy bun before the day is over to celebrate this very important Swedish holiday. 😉

04 Oct 2011

Dagens goda gÀrning

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Varje dag fÄr mellan 15-20 kvinnor diagnosen bröstcancer i Sverige. NÀrmare 80 procent överlever, men Cancerfondens mÄl Àr att alla ska överleva. För att nÄ dit behöver forskarna mer pengar.
Stöd rosa bandet!

Oktober Àr som bekant mÄnaden dÄ Rosa Bandet insamlingen till förmÄn för forskning om bröstcancer pÄgÄr. SÄ igÄr köpte jag mig mig ett band som för övrigt kommer i sex olika lÀckra designer i Är. Jag har dessutom laddat ner Rosa Testet, appen som, bÄde genom en sund livsstil och regelbundna egenkontroller, vill lyfta fram betydelsen av förebyggande ÄtgÀrder i kampen mot bröstcancer. För varje gÄng appen laddas ner skÀnker utvecklaren Philips 10 kr till Rosa Bandet insamlingen.

Jag ska erkĂ€nna, jag Ă€r vĂ€rdelös pĂ„ att göra egenkontroller pĂ„ mig sjĂ€lv men det Ă€r bara att ta sig i kragen och börja klĂ€mma och kĂ€nna pĂ„ brösten, eller hur tjejer?! 😉

Cancer Àr en hemsk sjukdom i alla former och jag tycker det Àr bra att vi uppmÀrksammas lite extra emellanÄt och inser att Àven det lilla vi som enskilda individer kan göra faktiskt hjÀlper för tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad.