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15 Oct 2011

But why??

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Just read that under a limited time of 12 weeks (that started last week) you’ll be able to buy chips flavoured with Vegemite. My only question is WHY? Why ruin a beautiful thing like chips with an awful flavour like Vegemite. 😉 But I guess the Aussies disagree given that 22 million jars of the yeast spread is sold each year. Has anyone Down Under tasted them and can give us a review?


Only at a Coles store near you for a limited time

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14 Oct 2011


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Eftersom jag Àr lite arbetsskadad (jobbar ju med belysning) och lite av en julnörd sÄ fÄngade nyheten om Stockholms storsatsning StockholmsJul min uppmÀrksamhet. MÄlet med ljusprojektet Àr att ska skapa en vacker och trygg julstÀmning och förhoppningen Àr naturligtvis att den ska locka till sig fler besökare till huvudstaden och bli Skandinaviens frÀmsta juldestination.


Den 20 november 2011 invigs StockholmsJul dÄ 30 gator och platser i Stockholm kommer att dekoreras med julbelysning. All belysning kommer att bestÄ av miljövÀnligt material och energisnÄl LED-teknik och för att fÄ en sÄ miljövÀnlig julbelysning som möjligt kommer belysningen Àven vara nedslÀckt pÄ dagen.


Bilder lÄnade frÄn City i Samverkan
14 Oct 2011


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Being my birthday this week and all I couldn’t stop myself from taking yet another trip down the famous memory lane. Two year’s ago my birthday was spent on a sailboat outside Airlie Beach around the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. I must say I’ve had worse birthdays. 🙂

14 Oct 2011

Chocolate lover?

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Just want to share a little tip to all chocolate lovers that happens to be in or around Göteborg 21-23 of October when this year’s Chocolate festival takes place. At the festival you get the chance to learn more about chocolate and it’s history and join tastings and seminars (some in English but most of them in Swedish though).

13 Oct 2011

Missing you

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13 Oct 2011

I miss him

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I have a bit of a dilemma. Pollux is still at my dad’s and all though I really want him back I’m not sure it’s the right decision. I’ve looked around at different dog care centres but they’re all really expensive. You have to pay between 2600-3000 SEK per month to keep your dog there every day. That’s more expensive then having your child in daycare! I’ve also looked around to see if I can find a private dog watcher that could take him for walks while I’m at work but so far no luck. I mean I don’t want to go around half the city in the morning to drop him off before work for example, it has to be at least somewhat convenient.  I’ve been promised that I can keep him with me in the office but then he’ll have to stay under my desk all day, how much fun is that?

At dad’s he gets lots of attention and several nice walks every day, but he’s not the same dog when he’s with dad as when he’s home. So maybe you can understand my dilemma. Perhaps I’m egoistic if I bring him to Göteborg. But on the other hand he’s mine, he’s my baby, part of the family and I miss him. :/

13 Oct 2011

Things that make me happy

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Is for example having a set of nice, new nails. I have missed you, my dear friends. 🙂

13 Oct 2011

I must have been a good sister

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Since my siblings gave me such nice birthday gifts. 😉 I got a nice red Eva Solo Smiley bowl from my sister and Stefan and a metal tin for my muesli that makes you happy in the morning from my brother and Linda.


Ended up going out to dinner too on my birthday at a restaurant (just around the corner from where I live) so it ended up being a pretty good day after all. 🙂


11 Oct 2011

I’m addicted

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I admit it, I’m a little bit addicted to Wordfeud. If you want to me to kick your arse (or possibly see my arse getting kicked), look up Swaussie and invite me to a game in either Swedish or English.

11 Oct 2011

I love my pressie

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Since it happens to be my birthday today (happy birthday to me!) I just want to share with you my birthday pressie I got from Simon. I actually opened it on Sunday because he’s not here today to celebrate with me. He did very well and I really love my Octopus owl handbag. Ok, I might have pointed out that I liked it several weeks ago but still, lots of brownie points for Simon.

Octopus Gussie


Octopus is a well known design brand in Denmark that designs and produces unique and eye catching bags, purses and accessories. The company was established in 2000 and it’s becoming increasingly popular here in Sweden too. All products are desgined by Maria Fodeh Christensen and Kenny Berglund Christensen.