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31 Oct 2011

This is your life

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31 Oct 2011


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I must say Pollux did very well today, on his first day as an office dog. Three of my colleagues where in today and he charmed them all. “Now I need to start putting dog lollies in my pockets again” was a comment from one of them (a former dog owner himself).

Yes, Pollux might have been a bit bored in the end of the day but I think it will be a bit better when we actually walk to work in the morning too today Simon gave us a lift since I needed to bring his kennel and stuff. We took a 20 minutes walk during my lunch break and then we walked home which took about 45 minutes.

So, so far so good. We’ll see how we feel in the end of the week. 🙂

31 Oct 2011

IKEA Julbord

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IKEA i Sverige skapar tradition och följer upp fjolårets uppskattade julbord. Förra året var det välkände kocken Leif Mannerström som komponerat julbordet och i år gick uppdraget till folkära Tina Nordström.

Vi vill att julbordet på IKEA ska bli en modern klassiker och en återkommande tradition som alla kan ta del av. Vi erbjuder vällagad julmat med både traditionella och moderna smaker till ett pris som de allra flesta har råd med.

Henriette Johansson, IKEA Food Manager, IKEA Sverige.

Förra året åt fler än 200 000 gäster av Mannerströms julmat. Då var favoriterna Ris a la Malta, Janssons frestelse, julskinka med julkryddning, gravad lax och köttbullar. Vilka rätter som kommer att finnas på årets julbord vill IKEA ännu inte avslöja, inte mer än att det är Tina-prägel på maten. För oss som kommer vara i Australien på julafton kanske ett IKEA julbord blir ett bra alternativ för ett sista julbord innan avresa, särskilt med tanke på priset – 99 kr för IKEA FAMILY medlemmar (övriga 199 kr).

Julbordet dukas upp dagligen i samtliga svenska IKEA varuhus från 21 november till 23 december.


31 Oct 2011

First day in the office

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It will be interesting to see how we go.

29 Oct 2011

To do in Oz #12

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As long as we’re on the retail theme I’ll give you another store I most definitely will pay a visit – Novo Shoes.

Jesinta Campbell (Miss Universe Australia 2010) in Novo Shoes Summer 2011 campaign

“Love Me, Love My Shoes”

27 Oct 2011

To do in Oz #11

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It’s been a while and I’ve almost forgot about my little list of things to do when we get to Oz. One thing I most definitely will do while I’m in Oz is to pay Kikki.K a visit. Love the stuff!

26 Oct 2011

Penguin jumper

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I just read an article on how a yarn store in New Zealand made an unusual request not long ago. They asked people to knit jumpers for penguins affected by the country’s oil spill off the coast of Tauranga. The oil spill was caused by the grounding of the Greek cargo ship Rena and it’s described as New Zealand’s worst ever environmental disaster.

But how did the jumpers help you might ask yourself (I know I did). The jumpers were not just a fashion statement but was knitted to help the little blue penguins that already had been caught in the spilled oil. The jumper helped protect the birds, preventing them from cleaning their feathers and that way ingesting the toxic oil.

26 Oct 2011

Going all in

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I shared this on twitter the other day but thought I share it with you guys too. This guy has really gone all in with the Halloween decorations. I’m pretty happy he’s not my neighbour, even if it’s very cool I reckon it might get a bit annoying after a while. 🙂

26 Oct 2011

VAB, kundmöten och ensamhet

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Vi sitter 10 personer på kontoret här i Göteborg; tre produktchefer för utomhusbelysning och vår trofasta marknadsguru som gör all vår marknadsföring till oss samt fem säljare och en ständigt fysiskt frånvarande försäljningschef. Jag förstår ju att säljarna har kundbesök att gå på vilket gör att de är borta mycket men sen tillkommer ju alla de andra sakerna som gör att folk inte är på kontoret; vård av barn, halva föräldrarlediga dagar vilket medför jobb hemifrån den andra halvan av dagen, hela dagar med jobb hemifrån, sjukdom, tjänsteresor och semestrar. Det hade inte stört mig det minsta om det inte hade varit så att det medförde att jag ganska ofta sitter HELT ensam på kontoret. Så ibland undrar jag varför jag bytte kontor. Idag är en sådan dag.


26 Oct 2011

Turning things around

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First of all a big thank you for your comments and encouraging words when I was mopeing last week. After all the complaining and feeling sorry for myself I decided to try to turn things around and do what I can to be happier. One thing that helped a little bit last week was the retail therapy I prescribed myself. It’s amazing how a pair of new jeans and shoes can make wonders, at least temporarily.

A more permanent thing I decided to do was to bring home Pollux. So on Saturday I’ll be heading down to Karlshamn to pick him up. It was not a decision that was happily received by my dad who has become very attached to Pollux. He doesn’t think it’s a good decision at all for me to bring him up here but I want to give it a go.

I’ll be bringing Pollux to work with me since I’ve been given permission to do so. We’ll see how it goes and I’m looking into other solutions as well but since there the majority of the 10 people here in the office actually are sales reps and not in the office that much it will hopefully work. So starting Monday the plan is that I’ll be walking to work (around 4 km I think) instead of taking the tram which I assume will be less pleasant if the weather is windy, rainy and cold. But this is Gothenburg so the sun will shine all the time, right?! I predict that I’ll miss my car more than ever in a couple of weeks.