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05 Sep 2011

I think it’s time for a holiday

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I’ve had a stressful day today, lots to do at work this week (as always). We have a Nordic Outdoor Lighting Conference in Stockholm in the end of the week and I need to get my presentations ready for that, I need to have a business plan for 2012 ready by the end of the week and then there are all the normal every day things that need to get done. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming holiday and having Simon’s parents over but it’s stressful to know that I’ll be off work and there will be a lot of stuff to catch up on when I get back. I know I shouldn’t think about that and enjoy my holiday (and I’m sure I will when it’s finally here) but it’s hard not to stress out.

Something happened today that made me think that life sure is so much more than just work. After lunch I felt a pressure over my forehead and a tingly senation in my arms. Very uncomfortable and it freaked me out a bit. It lasted for maybe 30 minutes and then it was gone as quickly as it came. I’m not sure if it’s stress related or due to some tension in my neck or something. Either way it’s not worth risking your health for work so I’ll try to stress less. ūüôā It took a bit longer for me to relax today at the yoga class too but after that I feel a lot better at least and the work I orginally planned on doing tonight just have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I’ll just pamper myself instead and try to wind down.

05 Sep 2011


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Something happened yesterday. Not sure what but somehow we had 504 (!) unique visitors in the blog. Over 500 visitors in one day, it’s definetely a personal record for us. I hope at least some of you liked what you found and will return back for more and don’t be afraid to leave us a comment to let us know you were here.

05 Sep 2011

IKEA Mänland

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Read something today and I didn’t know if it was a joke or not. In celebration of Father’s Day (that was yesterday in Australia) and in recognition of long suffering male shoppers everywhere, IKEA in Sydney launched M√ĄNLAND created for men to help them recover from the retail experience.

During four days last week all women could check in their partner for 30 blissful minutes of leisure activities for him and unhindered spending opportunities for her. Men who would rather not shop until they drop were invited to kick back and relax in a male haven offering everything from games of table football and arcade machines to non-stop sports coverage on TV, followed by massages to sooth the purchasing pains and rounded off with a complimentary hotdog. ūüôā

02 Sep 2011

The key

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02 Sep 2011

One week to go

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Only one week to go until we’re standing at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm welcoming Simon’s parents and aunt to Sweden. It will be great seeing them and we look forward to the two weeks we get to spend together with them. Finally some holiday for Simon and myself as well (the first this summer). A very busy holiday though with Stockholm, G√∂teborg, Karlshamn (our parents get to meet for the first time), Copenhagen and finally London on the schedule.

02 Sep 2011

How well do you know Australia? – answers

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Here are the correct answers to the latest quiz. Haven’t seen it yet? Go have a look HERE before you cheat and look at the answers. Read more

01 Sep 2011

First day of spring

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In Australia that is. In Sweden it feels like the autumn is on it’s way.