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30 Sep 2011

Today my life begins

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Good song and great lyrics. 🙂

30 Sep 2011

Slippery road done

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 Simon’s had his slippery road lesson for the driving license this week and of course he passed. He had a double driving lesson as well and was told his driving was good but he needs to pay more attention to the blind spots, the right hand rule and when reversing around a corner he apparently did it too quick. Knowing how Simon drives I find it very hard to believe that he did it quick and reckless in any way but what do I know. The teacher said that he could pass if he was to do his driving test today but he could also fail, all depending on how strict the examiner is. Hard to hear when you have a license already and I know I’m biased but Simon is a really good driver.

30 Sep 2011

Fun Friday?

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I’ve not been feeling 100% today and I couldn’t wait to leave work and get home. Not that the rest of the Friday has anything exciting in store for me but just to get home and jump in my tracky dacks was something I’ve been wanting all day. Simon is not coming home tonigth since he’s driving straight from Malmö to a friend in Älmhult (a fellow Aussie). The AFL Grand Final is on tomorrow morning (Swedish time) and they’ve decided to watch it at his house. So the rest of my day will be dedicated to cleaning and doing laundry. Not the most exciting thing to do on a Friday that’s for sure but looking at it on the bright side that means I have the rest of the weekend free to do fun stuff. 🙂

30 Sep 2011

Good morning

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29 Sep 2011

Washing instructions

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29 Sep 2011

First runner up

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Canada has earned the highest reputation ranking in Reputation Institute’s 2011 Country RepTrak, an annual study measuring the public perceptions of 50 countries around the world. The study measures the overall trust, esteem, admiration and good feelings the public holds towards these countries, as well as their perceptions across 16 different attributes, including a good quality of life, a safe place to live and a strong attention to their environment. Results from over 42,000 respondents worldwide showed that Sweden came as the first runner up followed by Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand. The lowest ranked countries in the 50-country study were Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

Read more if you’re interested in the offical press relase HERE.

28 Sep 2011

iPhone 5

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Exciting news released from Apple. The new iPhone 5 is said to be unveiled on October 4. I guess we just have to wait and see. Will you buy the new iPhone 5 when it comes out?

28 Sep 2011


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Äntligen har slĂ€ppt en iPhone app. Via appen kan du blogga, godkĂ€nna kommentarer, lĂ€sa bloggar, följa dina favoritbloggar och kolla in topplistorna var du Ă€n befinner dig. Du behöver inte sjĂ€lv ha en blogg för att ha nytta av appen, du kan Ă€ven anvĂ€nda den till att följa dina favoritbloggar frĂ„n sĂ„ ladda ner appen (som Ă€r gratis) och följ oss direkt i mobilen!

Precis laddat ner appen sjÀlv, vi fÄr se hur bra den visar sig vara.

27 Sep 2011

In denial

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MMS from Simon’s parents. Not jealous at all. No, not one bit. 😛
27 Sep 2011

London, lovely London!

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We’re back in Sweden, back at work and back in reality again. We finished off the holiday by spending a great couple of days in London. Simon had never been there before and I’ve only been there overnight once back in 1997 so it was a new experience for all of us.

It’s a great city and even though we easily could have spent another couple of days there we still saw a lot and had a great time and the things I’ll remember most from the London experience is all the walking, how the British people love serving fries with almost all meals, the huge Camden Markets, the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral, the views of the city from the London Eye, the very hot subway and the 193 steps up from the subway at Covent Garden station. 🙂

Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner

Big Ben


St Paul’s Cathedral at night

It all came to a end on Sunday though when we had to part ways with Simon’s parents and aunt. After spending two weeks together it was sad to say goodbye but we hope they have a great time on the rest of their trip in Paris and later on their cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Aussies

P.S The countdown to our next meeting in December has officially started. 🙂

More pics from our London trip can be found in the Picasa album below and an update on the rest of the holiday and more photos will follow.

London (2011-09-21 to 2011-09-25)