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22 Aug 2011

How well do you know Australia? – quiz

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Time for another quiz, this time about Australia. Do you know the answers? If you don’t you can cheat and have a look at the answers.

1. What’s the capitol city of Australia?

a) Sydney
b) Brisbane
c) Canberra
d) Melbourne Read more

20 Aug 2011

Slippery road booked

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Simon has booked in a double lesson with the driving school as well as his part 2 of the risk education – the slippery road test in about a months time (I just hope he gets his learner’s permit before then). It’s not right to call it a test though since it’s almost impossible to fail. The aim of the exercise is to educate you on how to drive in slippery or hazardous road conditions and as long as you actively participate, listen to the instructor and don’t go over the speed limit you’ll pass.

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20 Aug 2011

Don’t spell it, feel it!

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19 Aug 2011


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Too bad Simon isn’t home until tomorrow (he and my brother are doing a booze run to Germany). But I think it’s pretty safe to count on the fact that it will rain tomorrow too. 😛

19 Aug 2011

Healtier lifestyle

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It might not be by choice but since I don’t have internet access at home, it’s a perfect opportunity to take myself up on my word – less blogging more jogging! 🙂 Starting off with baby steps Linda and I actually did go to Skatås the other day, a recreational area not far from where we live where they have nice running/walking/biking tracks around the forest.


I also went to a yoga shala last night together with my friend Maria and we ended up signing up for an introductory course in Ashtanga yoga. So from the end of the month I’ll be going to yoga classes twice a week. I’m hoping it will make me a little bit more flexible, give me more strength and help me not to get stressed out over work and other stuff going on around me. I’m excited, bring on the healthy lifestyle!



19 Aug 2011

Time to bring out the canoe?

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More rain in Göteborg today. Hope it doesn’t get as bad as it did last weekend at least.
19 Aug 2011

Appreciate the moment

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18 Aug 2011

The throne is saved

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Congratulations to the happy couple!


Yesterday’s royal announcement that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are expecting their first child in March next year is big news in Sweden today and there are speculations about the sex and possible names of the future King or Queen of Sweden in every newspaper.

17 Aug 2011

No more excuses

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I went to Löplabbet yesterday and tried out a new pair of runners. Apparently I’m overpronating and need “a lot of cushioning and support”. I found a great pair of Asics that fit like a glove and I bought them because I want to get started with my healthier lifestyle. Still I had to google them today and of course I found out that I could get them much cheaper online, for a third of the price (which I already knew when I bought them but repressed cause I wanted them so badly). So I guess I’ll use my old runners tonight when me and Linda are going for a jog, return the new ones and get them online.

17 Aug 2011

Wedding in Karlshamn

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The happy newly weds outside the church.

I’m not going to write a long recap about the weekend since I’m writing this post quickly on my lunch hour (I hate not having internet at home by the way) but I want to show a couple of pics from the wedding. It was held in Elleholm’s church and the reception was held at Eriksberg, a nature reserve just outside Karlshamn. The location, the food and the company was really excellent and we had a wonderful day.  We’re so happy that Lina and Christian let us share the day with them and we wish them lots of happiness in the future.

The radiant bride.

And the handsome Swaussie couple. :P