16 Aug 2011


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I’ve missed something crucial when it comes to the driving license process. Despite the fact that Simon has a valid Australian driving license he still needs a provisional driving license, a learner’s permit (in Swedish Körkortstillstånd). It’s apparently compulsory to be allowed to do the driving test as well as drive with the driving school. I was naive to believe that since he’s allowed to drive on the roads using his valid Aussie license he didn’t need it. Anyway, we’ve sent in the application, paid the fee of 220SEK and now he has to send in a certificate of an eye exam in order to get it processed. The eye exam can be done with any optician, doctor or sometimes even with the driving school.

The form you need to apply for the Körkorststillstånd can be found HERE (in Swedish called Körkortstillstånd med hälsodeklaration) or you can even fill in the application online (if you know Swedish that is) HERE. The form needed for the eye exam can also be ordered at Körkortsportalen, HERE (in Swedish called Synintyg), and the address you need to send it in to is the following:

701 97 Örebro

On a happier note Simon has found a driving school in Malmö that are more than happy to have lessons with him in English and help him out with part 2 of the Risk Education, the skid road test. Once he got the provisional driving license he can get started. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

Update 2011-08-30

I’ve been asked a question below about what driving school Simon has found that are willing to help him with the Risk Education as well as give in driving lessons in English so I thought I’ll share it with all of you. He’s using Slottsstadens Trafikskola in Malmö.

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3 Responses to “Körkortstillstånd”

  1. Reply Grant says:

    Yes, the learner's permit for currently qualified drivers is a bit weird. I had the same problem when I first tried to drive with a Swedish driving school instructor. Even though I legally drove my own car to the driving school, and then legally drove it away from the driving school, I couldn't even sit inside a driving school car without the permit. I figured that it must have been an insurance issue for the school. Just another little hoop to jump through. The things we do for love.

  2. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    @Grant: I know it's really strange that you're allowed to and from the driving school just fine with your normal license but need a learner's permit to sit in their car. But as you say, it might be an insurance thing.

  3. Reply Luciana says:

    Hello Anna —
    I was looking for information about the Risk Training part 2 and came across your blog. My husband and I are also in the process of getting our drivers license but we don´t speak Swedish. We found a driving school in Lund (that´s where we live) that offers the Risk Training part 1 in English but we haven´t had the same luck with part 2 . You mentioned that your husband found a place in Malmö where they are willing to help him with this. Do you mind sharing the information? Thanks a lot!

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