29 Aug 2011

Internet back in business!

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Woho! We’re back in business. We got internet at home again! I haven’t told you the story of how we lost it so I’ll give you a short recap now.

We bought a Telenor mobile broadband plan with a USB stick at MediaMarkt. There were problems directly, the stick got really hot and kept disconnecting. Really annoying! I called Telenor’s support and was told I had to go back to MediaMarkt and they would help us. So we went back with the stick and was told that all we could do was to make a complaint but with no guarantee that Telenor would accept it as a warranty issue (if not we would have to pay 500SEK for having it sent off in the first place).

We also got to meet a sales person from Telenor that apparently worked at MediaMarkt in a shop-in-shop there (which we didn’t get the first time then we wouldn’t have talked to a MediaMarkt sales person). He took one look at the USB stick and said, I’m 100% sure the issue has to do with the USB stick. We’ve had many problems with them and we (Telenor) have taken them out of our range and replaced them with another model. Great, MediaMarkt sold us a crappy device, something Telenor has chosen to take out of the range because it’s faulty and MediaMarkt still keep it on their shelf. That makes sense…NOT!

The Telenor sales person also told us that all we could do was to make a complaint with MediaMarkt and hope for the best. He said that we probably get the same stick back with updated software and the problem would still be the same and we would have to repeat the procedure both one and two more times before the issue would be solved…Great!

We made a complaint and MediaMarkt couldn’t give us a replacement stick while we were waiting for ours either so the result was that we had a SIM card we couldn’t use – no internet. We’re not impressed at all about the so called service. Telenor could do nothing since MediaMarkt sold us the device and MediaMarkt was unwilling to help.

After this we were prepared to put up a fight to either get a new, different USB stick or cancel our contract. So when I got a text on Sunday saying that the USB stick was ready to be picked up I was expecting to have to yell at, at least, one poor MediaMarkt employee. But we got a positive surprise. Telenor had chosen to replace the USB stick with a different model and so far it’s working like a charm.

So that’s the reason why the blog has been a bit quiet lately but now we’re back in business again.

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  1. Reply Sam says:

    Glad everything is all sorted now 🙂

  2. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    Thanks, so are we 🙂

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