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31 Aug 2011

Another wedding

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Unfortunately I didn’t take that many photos this last weekend during the rainy wedding in TrollhĂ€ttan (don’t even have a photo of me and Simon). I’m therefore not going to give you long recap of the day either but I do want to once again congratulate the newlyweds, wish them all the best for the future and thank them for sharing their special day with us! Hope you have a great honeymoon in Aruba, Frida & Olof.

31 Aug 2011

Most liveable city in the world

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Melbourne claimed the title of the world’s most liveable city in the Economist Intelligence Unit‘s (EIU) latest Global Liveability Survey, with Sydney, Perth and Adelaide also making it into the top 10. It’s the first time in almost a decade of the survey that Vancouver hasn’t ranked as the best place to live in the world. The Canadian city slipped to third spot, behind Vienna in Austria. The 140 cities reviewed are scored on 30 factors in five categories – stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

In the ranking Melbourne scored 97.5%, just beating Vienna on 97.4% and Vancouver on 97.3%. A ranking of 100% is considered ideal. Sydney was ranked sixth best – up from seventh in the previous survey – while Perth and Adelaide ranked unchanged with a joint eight slot. Brisbane was ranked 21.

Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, was rated the worst city in the world to call home (38.2%) thanks to particularly poor scores for its stability, health care and infrastructure. The report is written for business people from western countries and used to work out hardship allowances as part of an expatriate’s relocation package. The report’s authors say that the survey quantifies the challenges that might be presented to an individual’s lifestyle in 140 cities worldwide. Seen from such a western perspective, it is therefore not suprising that the survey’s lowest ranked cities are all in developing countries.

30 Aug 2011

Throw another shrimp on the barbie

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I know this 80’s advertisement is directed to Americans, but still. Why, oh why does Paul Hogan say: I slip an extra SHRIMP on the barbie. Aussies call them PRAWNS. Though the phrase throw another shrimp on the barbie has ever since been something the rest of the wold associate with Australia and I guess you Aussies get a bit tired of hearing it when you talk to us non-Australians who think we’re hilarious when whe throw the phrase in your face. 🙂

30 Aug 2011

Australian Swedish couples

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Talitha has created a Google Group dedicated to Australian Swedish couples around the world. If you’re interested in joining send an email to swaussie-couples(at) to get an invite. The only critera is that you have to be part of an Australian-Swedish couple. This can be a great way to meet, network, share stories and give/get advice to people in the same situation.

This is for all the Swaussie couples out there who would like to meet, network and have the support of other Swaussie couples. Whether you live in Sweden or Australia (or somewhere else entirely), you may be doing long-distance or married with kids- all Swedish Australian couples are welcome to join.

30 Aug 2011


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Vill bara skicka ut en liten varning till andra lÀsare om en person som utger sig för att heta Paul Cristea ( Denna person har kontaktat mig (pÄ engelska) i samband med att jag försöker sÀlja min bil pÄ Blocket. Bedragaren tros ligga bakom systematiska bedrÀgerier och bedrÀgeriförsök nÀr privatpersoner annonserat ut bilar pÄ köp-och sÀljsajter inte bara hÀr i Sverige utan Àven i Grekland, Malaysia och andra lÀnder.

Personen i frÄga verkar mer intresserad av betalningen Àn bilens skick och pÄstÄr sig vilja göra en betalning via PayPal för att sedan organisera att bilen blir upphÀmtad av ett transportbolag. Det var hÀr varningsklockorna började ringa och jag googlade honom och fick mÀngder av trÀffar.

Paul Cristea pÄstÄr alltsÄ att han kommer göra betalningen via Paypal, en tjÀnst för sÀker betalning vid nÀthandel. Om det gÄr sÄ lÄngt att du ger ut dina PayPal uppgifter fÄr du ett mail som ser ut att komma frÄn PayPal (vilket det inte gör Àven om det bÀr deras logga) som sÀger att betalningen för bilen samt frakten Àr gjord. Bedragaren ber dig sedan föra över pengarna för transporten pÄ ett annat konto som sÀgs tillhöra transportföretaget.

Antingen Àr mÄlet alltsÄ att komma över din kontoinfo pÄ PayPal alternativt fÄ de pengar de hoppas du ska föra över till det icke existerande transportföretaget. Oavsett vill jag varna andra frÄn att gÄ pÄ bluffen.

I just want to send out a little warning to our readers about a person calling himself Paul Cristea ( This person has contacted me as I’m trying to sell my car online. The scammer is believed to be behind systematic fraud and attempted fraud when people in Sweden, Greece, Malaysia and other countries advertise their cars online.

The person in question seems more interested in the payment than the car’s condition and supposedly intends to make a payment through PayPal and then organize for the car to be picked up by a transport company. It was here alarm bells started ringing and I googled the name and got lots of hits.

Paul Cristea claims that he will make the payment through Paypal, a service for secure payments for online sales. If it goes as far that you actually give out your PayPal information you’ll receive an email that appears to come from PayPal (which it doesn’t, although it bears their logo) that says that the payment for the car, and the shipping cost has been made. The scammer then asks you to transfer money for the shipping into another account which is said to belong to the transport company.

I don’t know if the aim is to get your account information with PayPal or get the money they hope you will transfer to the non-existing transport company. Regardless, I want to warn others from falling for this bluff.

30 Aug 2011

There’s more

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30 Aug 2011

Grattis pÄ födelsedagen!

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It’s Simon’s birthday today. Unfortunately he’s in Malmö and I’m in Göteborg so there will be no brekkie in bed this morning singing Ja mĂ„ han leva for him. We did head start the birthday celebration on Sunday though since I couldn’t wait to give Simon his gift, I hate keeping secrets. 🙂

Simon playing with his new HTC Desire S. :)

Instead of my false singing today I’ll just share this great clip with Kiwi Al Pitcher from when he was on RAW Comedy Club talking about Swedish birthday traditions.

30 Aug 2011


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29 Aug 2011

Internet back in business!

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Woho! We’re back in business. We got internet at home again! I haven’t told you the story of how we lost it so I’ll give you a short recap now.

We bought a Telenor mobile broadband plan with a USB stick at MediaMarkt. There were problems directly, the stick got really hot and kept disconnecting. Really annoying! I called Telenor’s support and was told I had to go back to MediaMarkt and they would help us. So we went back with the stick and was told that all we could do was to make a complaint but with no guarantee that Telenor would accept it as a warranty issue (if not we would have to pay 500SEK for having it sent off in the first place).

We also got to meet a sales person from Telenor that apparently worked at MediaMarkt in a shop-in-shop there (which we didn’t get the first time then we wouldn’t have talked to a MediaMarkt sales person). He took one look at the USB stick and said, I’m 100% sure the issue has to do with the USB stick. We’ve had many problems with them and we (Telenor) have taken them out of our range and replaced them with another model. Great, MediaMarkt sold us a crappy device, something Telenor has chosen to take out of the range because it’s faulty and MediaMarkt still keep it on their shelf. That makes sense…NOT!

The Telenor sales person also told us that all we could do was to make a complaint with MediaMarkt and hope for the best. He said that we probably get the same stick back with updated software and the problem would still be the same and we would have to repeat the procedure both one and two more times before the issue would be solved…Great!

We made a complaint and MediaMarkt couldn’t give us a replacement stick while we were waiting for ours either so the result was that we had a SIM card we couldn’t use – no internet. We’re not impressed at all about the so called service. Telenor could do nothing since MediaMarkt sold us the device and MediaMarkt was unwilling to help.

After this we were prepared to put up a fight to either get a new, different USB stick or cancel our contract. So when I got a text on Sunday saying that the USB stick was ready to be picked up I was expecting to have to yell at, at least, one poor MediaMarkt employee. But we got a positive surprise. Telenor had chosen to replace the USB stick with a different model and so far it’s working like a charm.

So that’s the reason why the blog has been a bit quiet lately but now we’re back in business again.

29 Aug 2011


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VĂ€ldigt snobbiga, bitchiga, inte sĂ„ sĂ€rskilt smarta (inser de inte att de andra fruarna fĂ„r veta vad de sĂ€ger i “one-on-one” intervjuerna nĂ€r de totaldissar varandra?) men ack sĂ„ underhĂ„llande.