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05 Jul 2011

5 days to go

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Keys collected today.

04 Jul 2011

New design

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I needed to get my mind off work and the move so I just played around a bit with Photoshop this evening giving the blog a new design. Nothing fancy but something new. What do you think, you like it or not?




04 Jul 2011

Experience Perth

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Perth is profiling itself as one of Australia’s most distinctive and welcoming cities with a friendly, multicultural population. I’ve never been there but would love to go some day.  From what I’ve heard from friends who have been there it’s well worth a visit. Have a look in the brochure Experience Perth and on the website with the same name – HERE to get some inspiration.

04 Jul 2011

Rule of a Lady

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03 Jul 2011

It’s empty without him

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Mum took Pollux with her when she went home after her visit so that he can stay at my dad’s while we’re in the process of moving, he get’s so nervous when we’re packing and stuff. He’s only been gone 3 days but it’s empty without him.

02 Jul 2011

Banana boxes is da shit!

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I’ve just given up my packing for today. It’s seriously one of the most boring things I know but since it’s a week until we move someone has to do it and it’s not going to be Simon. 😛

Banana boxes are really good to pack in and they're free too!

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02 Jul 2011

Any good

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01 Jul 2011


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It’s Friday evening. Simon couldn’t leave work in Malmö until around 6pm so he won’t be home until 9pm. That’s crap….I just go and pack a moving box or something and wait for him. 🙁

01 Jul 2011

My colleagues are so sweet :)

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I was in Göteborg today for some meetings and to sort out keys for the office and stuff before everyone leaves to go on holiday.  I had this wonderful sign on my desk. It made me happy!

Welcome to Göteborg!