18 Jul 2011

BBQ, pavlova and new furniture

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It’s been such a busy weekend I didn’t even get the chance to try out my mobile internet yesterday but now I’m back online again and it feels great. I feel half without my internet connection, without my blog, Facebook and my twitter. 😛

Saturday started early, we had the laundry booked for 7am. So much for sleeping in. We’re used to having our own laundry machine and being able to book the common laundry room with short notice. That’s all over. now! Now we have only the common laundry room at our disposal and it’s hard to get a time with short notice, especially since we need to do washing every weekend when Simon is home.

Next on the to do list for the day was to go into the city so that Simon could get a well needed haircut. That’s another thing that’s hard in a new city by the way, to find a hairdresser you like. Of course you can get recommendations from friends but finding one that you like and that works for you can take time. The hairdresser turned out to be from Karlshamn, just like me which was very random. After the grooming we did some shopping, I fell for the trend and bought white canvas shoes. 🙂 We also got my brother and Linda their house warming gift; proper Weber BBQ utensils and an esky full of beer.

The rest of the day was spent out in Landvetter together with my family. We were extremely lucky with the weather having a sunny and nice day. On Sunday it was raining on and off the entire day and the forecast for the upcoming week is not looking great either. Simon can’t believe how much it rains here in Sweden, especially since it’s suppose to be summer. I guess coming from a land where draught is an issue it’s not that strange that he thinks this way but to me it’s quite normal that there is rain during the summer too. Not this much maybe but still I’m used to the fact that it rains during summer too. Anyway, since we did have such a great Saturday we took the opportunity to soak up the sun out on the deck in the back garden relaxing, barbecuing and playing games.

Simon working on getting rid of his farmer’s tan (bonnabränna as we say in Swedish) in his Adelaide Crows singlet!

Mölkky, the Finish game I’ve told you about before (HERE) is our new favourite.

We had a yummy three course dinner with prawn coctails for starters, barbecued pork filets with baked potatoes served with a sallad, home made garlic butter and tsatsiki as a main course and pavlova for dessert. Pavlova is a meringue dessert with whipped cream and fruits and it’s New Zealand’s national dessert. It’s also very popular in Australia and it’s often served at family gatherings and BBQs. The desert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who visited both countries in the 1920s and there is an ongoing debate between the two countries on who invented the desert. The question is, does it really matter? I’ve never had it before and I’m not sure we got it all right but it tasted delicious so we must have done something right.

Delicious prawn coctails.

We took the bus home from Landvetter and I just have to point out how expensive it is to use public transport in Sweden compared to Australia. Taking the tram in Gothenburg costs about 16SEK with a value card otherwise 21SEK (about 2.50AUD or 3.20AUD) for a ticket valid for 90 minutes, travelling in just one zone. If you would like to travel in more than one zone or after midnight when it’s night traffic it gets even more expensive. We ended up spending around 90-100SEK getting home from Landvetter during night traffic even though I have a monthly pass with unlimited travel (only within my zone though, outside the zone and during night traffic I pay extra). A ticket valid for a whole day in Melbourne is about 6AUD (if I remember correctly) which is around 40SEK. I’m just saying, they want you to use public transport but it’s cheaper to take the car. Something is wrong with that! And don’t even get me started on the validation machines, they’re ridiculously hard to understand how to use, but that’s a whole different story. We’ll save that one for another time. 🙂

Back to the recap of the weekend. We finally got our well deserved sleep in on Sunday and didn’t get up until after 11am. We had a quick chat to Simon’s family before we were picked up by my brother and went out to Landvetter again to get the car that we parked there the day before. After another sugar shock, eating rhubarb and apple pie with left over lemon curd, we headed out to Media Markt and IKEA for some shopping. We ended up getting a mobile internet (which I’m on right now). We can’t sign up with the regular broadband since Anders cancelled his subscription with the current broadband provider for the building and the landlord has cancelled their contract with  them in the end of August and theyre in the process of changing to a different provider. This means that we can’t sign up with anyone yet and we don’t want to be without internet for months so therefore we had to get a mobile broadband. Hopefully it will work alright.

We also ended up getting two new set of drawers for the bedroom (MALM) as well as new TV bench (BESTÅ) with better storage and a new coffee table at IKEA. The evening was therefore spent assembling furniture. I can think of more fun things to do but it turned out nice and I hope to get rid of most of the boxes of stuff still unpacked during this week so our apartment can start feeling like a home instead of a storage area. Not having to jump over boxes everywhere you go would be nice. 🙂

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  1. Reply Anonymous says:

    I'm living vicariously through you 🙂 So awesome you moved to Goteborg! Just got back from Sweden myself & I already miss it!!

  2. Reply Frida says:

    Haha, blir hungrig bara jag läser detta! Ang. bussar osv. så var det sjukt billigt i Melbourne, håller med! Dock svindyrt i Sydney och dyrt, men överkomligt i Brisbane. Som tur är har jag mitt sista år (just fyllt 20) som jag får ha ett fritidskort. Nästa sommar blir det dyrt igen 🙁

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