07 Jun 2011

Dude, you need a haircut!

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The big news from around the world reaches Sweden. For example today I read in the Swedish news tabloid Aftonbladet about the famous New Zealand sheep Shrek that apparently was put down yesterday. This almost 17 years old sheep was quite the celebrity it seems.

Shrek was a merino, a castrated male sheep, and he was renowned for avoiding being shorn for years. He evaded the annual shearing roundups for seven years by hiding in caves on his farm and when he was found in 2004. Shortly after his capture Shrek was shorn on national television watched by millions. He was carrying 27kg worth of fleece, an average merino fleece weighs about 4.5kg. The wool was sold and raised money for the Cure Kids cancer campaign and the pictures were worth an estimated $100 million in worldwide publicity for the export industry.

Until becoming sick three weeks ago, Shrek toured the country, commanding $16,000 US for appearances and getting the star treatment wherever he went. I guess it can only happen in a country where there is 4 million people and 42 million sheeps. 🙂

Thanks Anders for the tip about the article, I should start handing out prices to people giving me funny blog ideas. 😛

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