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03 May 2011

Jag är en förrädare

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Jag funderar på att lämna Jag känner mig begränsad och jag vill prova mina vingar någon annanstans (har läst mig till att det ska gå att importera denna bloggen i en ny för att inte förlora mina inlägg och kommentarer). Jag funderar på att vända mig till WordPress istället och kanske även välja en egen domän och blogga från ett eget webbhotell men jag vet för lite om det så nu behöver jag er läsares kloka råd. Är det någon som använder sig av WordPress som kan lämna en recension? Kanske någon även har en egen domän och använder sig av ett eget webbhotell och kan ge mig lite tips och råd om det också. Kort och gott, alla råd är välkomna! 🙂

I’m a traitor. I’m thinking of leaving I feel limited and I want to try my wings somewhere else. My thoughts have been on using WordPress instead and maybe blog using my own domain and webhotel. I don’t know enough about it though so I would like to ask for advice. Are any of you readers using WordPress and if you do how do you like it? Is anyone blogging using their own webhotel and can give me some advice about that? In short, any advice is welcome! 🙂

03 May 2011

What’s wrong with our world

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I don’t believe anyone has missed the fact that Osama bin Laden (or Usama bin Ladin) was killed by American soilders during a raid on May 1st. This is a blog about our everyday life and I normally don’t go into deep political discussions here but I do feel like I have to express my opinion, mainly beacuse I live in a free country and I can. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good that Osama is gone but I don’t get the celebration going on, especially in the US. Just look at this newspaper headline

I understand that many people feel like they finally have closure for the 9/11 tragedy, now that bin Laden is dead, since he was the mastermind behind the terror attack that devistated a whole world. But really, isn’t it a bit naive to believe that the world will be such a better place just because bin Laden is dead?

The reaction from people (mainly Americans) celebrating his death is honestly a bit scary. How can anyone celebrate a persons death like that? Justice has been done….really, has it? Killing Osama will never bring back any of the family members and loved ones that has been lost. And haven’t American soldiers killed a lot of innocent people as well, what makes that ok? I’m definitely not sad that Osama is gone but I’m not jumping up and down out of joy either. I guess it’s hard to grasp the effect that 9/11 have had on so many Americans, affected both of the direct attack and the war that followed. But despite this isn’t it a bit naive to believe that the influence of one man really is that big? Terrorism isn’t gone just because Osama bin Laden is! There are still many nutcases out there ready to follow his legacy and I’m sure there will be many people planning attacks as a revenge for his death and many more people will be killed.

I find it hard to believe that the world will ever be a better place if we just keep killing each other.  How naive is she you might think, believing we could all live in a happy dream world where there is no war and everyone loves each other. I’m not that naive but I don’t believe that one person can be the sole responsible person for all the terror or everything al-Qaida has been and are doing. There are more men (and women too I guess) like Osama bin Laden still out there and evil is still around and the world is not all of a sudden a much better place.

Another disturbing thing is the fact that Obama and his team actually were watching the raid live as at least one of the soilders was wearing a camera on his helmet. Look at this pic below, look at their faces. Hillary Clinton is the only one showing a somewhat human reaction to the whole thing if you ask me.

03 May 2011

May 3 2011

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Corals at Great Barrier Reef. (Australia)

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02 May 2011

Kommer sommaren fortare…

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…om man sjunger för den?

Will the summer arrive quicker if you sing for it?

This classic hymn above is an old Christian song about summer published in 1695. It’s called Den blomstertid nu kommer, literally The time of blossom comes. The song is often sung when the schools in Sweden close for the summer holiday. The translation of the lyrics would be something along the lines of:

The summer days of beauty
in blessedness are come.
The flowers are rejoicing
to feel the gleaming sun
in grace arisen brightly
o’er fields of golden grain
so warm and all restoring,
that nature lives again.The fragrance of the meadows,
the planting in the vale,
the whispers of the forest
through branches green and hale
these wonders all remind us
how great the stores of wealth
of Him whose hand has made us,
who gives us life and health.
02 May 2011

May 2 2011

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Flowering fruit trees. (Sweden)


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01 May 2011


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Ska du ut och resa och vill hitta bra erbjudande på hotell? Då ska du kolla in Destly, en websida som har tidsbegränsade erbjudande på exklusivt utvalda hotell till rabatterade priser.

01 May 2011

May 1 2011

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Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. (Australia)

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01 May 2011


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Simon and Kerry had a nice day in Copenhagen on Friday and came back to Jönköping around lunch yesterday and we had a nice little BBQ last night even though a couple of people got sick and couldn’t make it. We started out by kicking some football and playing a game called Mölkky. It’s a Finish throwing game similar to the Swedish Kubb (though kubb dates back to the 17th century and Mölkky was invented back in 1996).

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