24 May 2011

Not as planned

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This weekend didn’t really turn out the way I planned it. I was suppose to get back from my business trip on Sunday night around 8 pm but instead due to servere weather conditions my plane got cancelled and I spent hours and hours at the airport in Copenhagen and was home at 3 am instead. So Simon and I got no time together at all this weekend and yesterday morning he left again to go to Malmö and work. It really sucks being apart and I hope things will change soon. But to be positive I’m glad I got home alright and that the ash cloud from Grímsvötn didn’t affect my travel. Isn’t it a bit weird that a new vulcano in Iceland errupts almost exactly a year after Eyjafjallajökull by the way?

Anyway I was pretty upset when I realised that I would get delayed given that I’ve spent the whole weekend working (even though it was a pretty pleasant kind of work) and that this meant I had no time at all with Simon so I decided to take the day off yesterday to at least rest up. I didn’t do much all day and it felt really good.

I’m not going to give you a long recap of the trip to Spain, I’ll just show you some pics and give a warm recommendation to visit Spain. Just make sure you catch up on your Spanish before because the Spanish people are lousy at English.





More pics can be found in the Picasa album too.

Spain May 2011
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    Urvackra bilder! Men trakigt med forseningen..:(

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