31 May 2011

My favourite time of the year

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It’s warm today (at least with Swedish measurements) around 25 degrees and the weather forecast for the 5-day long weekend is looking really good.

Every time I mention that I love summer Simon just hint that there is a lot more of it in Australia. I have to agree that it gives Australia a big fat plus on the score card Sverige vs Australia. But there still is something special about Swedish summer even though it’s not quite as hot or sunny as the Australian one. Simon just hasn’t experienced it yet…maybe he’ll change his mind or at least tilt a little my way soon and appreciate Swedish summer too. 🙂

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3 Responses to “My favourite time of the year”

  1. Reply Laura says:

    I agree.. swedish summer is the greatest 🙂 Esp with the long daylight hours up north. We are def getting those right now.. but the weather hasn't been the greatest.. hopefully it gets better soon 🙂

  2. Reply Anneli says:

    AnmÀl dig till Dagens Blogg!:D
    Jag lottar ut 3 nya vinnare imorrn!:)

  3. Reply Tess says:

    Swedish summer is better because you really appreciate it after the long cold winter! 🙂 Australians are spoiled.. lol. I hope my Aussie bf will understand why the first sunny day and 15+ can be so exciting after he spent his first winter here..

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