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31 May 2011

My favourite time of the year

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It’s warm today (at least with Swedish measurements) around 25 degrees and the weather forecast for the 5-day long weekend is looking really good.

Every time I mention that I love summer Simon just hint that there is a lot more of it in Australia. I have to agree that it gives Australia a big fat plus on the score card Sverige vs Australia. But there still is something special about Swedish summer even though it’s not quite as hot or sunny as the Australian one. Simon just hasn’t experienced it yet…maybe he’ll change his mind or at least tilt a little my way soon and appreciate Swedish summer too. 🙂

31 May 2011

If the crown fits

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30 May 2011

Round 2

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Just had the second open inspection and another 4 couples/families showed up. Seemed to be some interest among them but we’ll see how it goes. The real estate agent will call everyone tomorrow so I’ll have a first update tomorrow night. This is not good for my nerves. 🙂

29 May 2011

One down

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We’re sitting here a bit disappointed after the first open inspection of the apartment. All that effort and cleaning and only 3 couples showed up. A friend of us pointed out that it might have something to do with the fact that it’s Mother’s Day here in Sweden today. Maybe people had plans to go visit their mum or have their kids over. So maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have the inspection today. Two out of the three couples showed interest though, one of them had been looking at 5 other apartments in the building before and they thought our place was really nice. Another inspection is coming up tomorrow night so we’ll hope for some more people then and hopefully their will be enough interest for some bidding to start on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

29 May 2011

Älskade mamma

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En mor finns med frÄn början
som kÀllan till ditt liv.
Med kÀrleksfulla blickar
hon följer varje kliv.

Sen livets första mÄltid
har hon bjudit dig att smaka.
Hon ger dig av sin omsorg
utan krav att fÄ tillbaka.

Hon tas sÄ lÀtt för given
som lindring av besvÀr.
Och sÀllan blir hon tackad
och sedd för den hon Àr.

I livets alla skeden
förblir hon dock densamma…
Din alldeles unika
högt Àlskade mamma!

Det Àr sÄ lÀtt att glömma bort att visa uppskattning till vÄra nÀra och kÀra och dÄ Àr det bra med smÄ pÄminnelser som Mors Dag till exempel. Siv Anderssons fina dikt fÄr symbolisera det tack jag vill rikta till min mamma. Jag vet att jag ofta tar henne för given, att vi inte alltid kommer överrens och att jag ibland Àr orÀttvis och tvÀr. Men hur det Àn Àr sÄ hÄller jag henne alltid kÀr. MÄnga kramar skickas dÀrför till vÀrldens bÀsta mamma och till alla andra mammor ute i vÄrt avlÄnga land.
27 May 2011

Flyg billigt Down Under

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Vi Àr stÀndigt pÄ jakt efter billiga flygbiljetter Down Under, sÀrskilt eftersom vi gÀrna vill Äka ner över jul/nyÄr i Är. DÄ Àr det tyvÀrr högsÀsong men planerar man att Äka nÀr det inte Àr det kan man om man letar hitta bra priser pÄ flygbiljetter. HÀr följer lite tips om flygbolag som flyger till Australien som kan vara vÀrda att kolla upp.

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27 May 2011

Self pampering

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Enjoyed some self pampering last night when I spent the evening at the hairdresser. Got a little bit blonder and it feels like I’m myself again. The hairdresser even took the time to make my hair curly, a bit of a waste maybe since I was going home and almost straight to bed but still, I liked it! Just too bad that I look so tired with dark rings around my eyes. I want to rest and I can’t wait for the long 5-day weekend next week!


One of the worst things I find when moving to a new city is to find a good hairdresser that I like. I just changed mine in Jönköping and this was my second time cutting my hair there. Therefore it felt a bit sad to “break up” with her letting her know I won’t be coming back again. Soon the quest starts to find a new hairdresser in Göteborg.

27 May 2011

100 minus 1

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25 May 2011

Learn to dance in the rain

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25 May 2011

Work your way around Australia

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If you plan on going to Australia and work this National Harvest Guide might be helpful. In the guide you’ll find information on harvest work opportunities, working conditions, how to get there and where to stay. The guide is updated monthly and is available free for download – HERE (pdf).