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21 Apr 2011

Do you agree?

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19 Apr 2011

What’s wrong with SI units?

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In Sweden we use deciliters and in Australia and America they use cups. Well, just convert between the two, it’s easy, you might think. Well, apperently it’s not! A cup in the US is not the same thing as a cup in Australia. I learned this from Marie (my new Aussie Guru when it comes to Australian cooking and baking) who today informed me that 1 cup in the US is equal to 2 dl and 1 cup in Australia is 2.5 dl. And the same goes for tablespoons too, in Australia it’s 20ml and in the US it’s 15ml. This can make a big difference in a recipe so it means I have to know if it’s an American or Australian recipe if I want translate it into Swedish, hence the question – What’s wrong with SI units?

For those unfamiliar with what SI units is, it’s an International System of Units – a standard for God’s sake…USE IT! ūüôā

19 Apr 2011

Spring caught on camera

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It was another wonderful day here in Jönköping today and since I sat inside all day at work I took Pollux for a walk in the forest when I got home. I wanted to take a power walk but since I knew that there are so many beautiful Blue Anemones and Wood Anemones there right now I had to bring my camera. So it was a walk with a couple of short photo breaks and here are a couple of the pics I took.



Wood Anemones




My cutie


It’s more unusual that the Blue Anemones grow this many together.

And sometimes the Blue Anemones look a bit more pink.



Not a bad view at all.


19 Apr 2011

Worst job in the world

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18 Apr 2011

I’m in, are you?

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Just read in Linn√©a’s blog that she’s challenging her readers in a 100 day sit up and Russian twist challenge.¬† The challenge is to do a full sit up (crossfit style) directly followed by a Russian twist.

Day 1 – one sit up and one Russian twist
Day 2 – two sit ups and two Russian twists

I think you get the picture…

Day 99 – ninety nine sit ups and ninety nine Russian twists
Day 100 – one hundred sit ups and one hundred Russian twists.

Sit up crossfit style

Russian Twist

Sounds like fun to me so I’ll give it a shot, will you?

18 Apr 2011

Easter Down Under

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As I mentioned before I don’t know much about Australian Easter traditions so I had to read up on the subject and this is what I’ve found, correct me if I’m wrong.

Easter is the most significant event in the Christian calendar as it is associated with spring and new birth. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his death by crucifixion on Good Friday.  In Australia it also marks the beginning of the autumn since spring does not occur in April in Australia. Australia is a land with people originating from a lot different countries bringing different traditions with them and hence the Australian Easter celebration take place in a variety of ways. It is, just as in Sweden, celebrated as a public holiday with church services, rabbit and eggs as the major Easter attractions. Read more

18 Apr 2011

Hot Cross Buns

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Easter is just around the corner and this year the Aussies actually get a five day weekend. This because Easter Monday actually falls on the same day as ANZAC day. If this happened in Sweden it would just be “tough luck you lost a free day off work, better luck next year“, but in Australia you get another day off just to compensate for the fact that you had two public holidays fall on the same day. I like the Aussie way better. ūüėõ

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18 Apr 2011


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17 Apr 2011


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In Sweden we have something called Majblomma (in English Mayflower). It’s a little flower pin sold for the Mayflower Charity Foundation for Children, Sweden‚Äôs largest child help organisation. Their aim is to improve the situation for children in Sweden and to fight child poverty and their vision is that children should have the right to participate on equal terms with their friends both in school and at their leisure time regardless of any illness or disability they may have or their social status. Read more

17 Apr 2011

And the winner is…

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Well it was a bit hard to make a top ten list out of your votes in our “What’s your favourite place in Australia?” survey since it was only one place that got more than one vote. But that makes the winner clear at least and the rest have to share the second place. And the winner is *drum roll* MELBOURNE!