01 Apr 2011

April Fool’s Day

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I think April 1st is a general day for fooling people in many countries around the world. Has anyone played jokes on you today?

April, april, din dumma sill, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill. That’s the rhyme we Swedes say when we’ve succeed in fooling someone on April fool’s day and directly translated it would be “April, April, you stupid herring, I can fool you whenever I want“. I know it doesn’t make sense but April and sill rhymes that’s the only reason I think. In Sweden newspapers and TV channels often play tricks on their readers and viewers too.

A well known April fool’s joke in Sweden (that most people have heard about) is from 1962, before there was colour TV in Sweden. On the news they said that a new equipment had been installed in the TV broadcasting building which meant that you didn’t have to buy a new TV to get colour image, all you had to do was to put a nylon stocking on the screen of your existing TV. It’s said that many people fell for this joke. ūüôā

I read somewhere that in Australia for example it’s only tradition to play tricks on people until noon and anyone doing it after noon is called an “April Fool”. In Sweden hoaxes are allowed all day long, so you better watch out!

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