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30 Apr 2011

April 30 2011

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Walpurgis Night bonfire. (Sweden)

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29 Apr 2011

Beautiful dress

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I guess you haven’t missed Kate’s smashing wedding dress today. A v-neck gown with a long-sleeved lace overlay and a two meter long train, designed by McQueen creative director Sarah Burton.

Her sister (Philippa Middleton), the Maid of Honour wore a dress from the same designer. It was a little bit strange that it was an ivory dress though,  I thought only the bride could wear white at a wedding. But who cares it looked stunning.

Stunning is not a word I would use to describe the famous wedding gown worn by William’s mum Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981, a meringue looking puffy piece with a 7.62 meter long train. I guess it was considered to be beautiful and tasteful at the time though.


29 Apr 2011

Surfing with your mates

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27 Apr 2011

Big changes ahead

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I’ve been dying to share the good news with you all and now I just have to before I burst. We’re moving to Göteborg/Gothenburg! Since Simon is going to be placed at his company’s office in Göteborg shortly (still not sure when exactly) I asked if I could transfer to our sales office in Göteborg. I won’t get into details but it took a while to get a reply but in the end of last week I got an ok. So as soon as our living arrangements are sorted and my new desk has arrived at the office in Göteborg I can move. Easy peasy, hey!?

It’s so much to think of and organise and on top of that both Simon and I are extremely busy at work right now. Him being away all week is not good. Not only do I miss him a lot of course and it’s empty without him, I also get bored at night and end up working way too much. But right now I’m at the stage where I’m just drained and tired (and this just three days after the four day Easter weekend). I think I’ll try to forget about work tonight, pamper myself a bit and go to bed early.

27 Apr 2011

Still alive

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Yes, this short post is just to let you know we’re still alive. We had a good relaxing, computer free Easter weekend (even if it was too short) and spend a lot of time out in the sun and yesterday it was all back to normal again with work being as crazy as it was before the break, hence the silence in the blog. I’ve just been too tired and without inspiration after work to update you. But we’re looking forward to the upcoming Walpurgis Night weekend and having Simon’s Aussie friend Kerry visit from London so I’ll promise I’ll update you. Until then I’m sharing this pic I just created with my new iPhone app – Instagram. Pretty cool little tool actually, try it if you haven’t – it’s free.

24 Apr 2011

The Logies

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The TV Week Logie Awards is coming up next week (its held on Sunday May 1 at Crown Casino in Melbourne). It’s the Australian television industry awards, which have been presented annually since 1959. First known as the TV Weeks Award but renamed by Graham Kennedy in 1960 after he won the first ‘Star Of The Year’ award. The name Logie Awards honors John Logie Baird, a Scotsman who invented the television as a practical medium.

Awards are given in many categories, but the most widely-publicized and prestigious award is the Gold Logie, which is awarded to the most popular personality on Australian television. Two favourite nominees for this year’s Gold Logie are co-actresses Rebecca Gibney and Jessica Marais from Packed to the Rafters. Even though Jessica has announced that she’s leaving the show to pursue a career in Hollywood – traitor! 😉

Rebecca Gibney & Jessica Marais

Remember when Rebecca played Emma the mechanic in The Flying Doctors back in the days? The Flying Doctors (or Doktorn kan komma as it’s called in Swedish) was a very popular TV show here in Sweden back in the 90’s.

Rebecca and Jessica are up against four other nominees; Adam Hills, Asher Keddie, Karl Stefanovic and Chrissie Swan. I don’t know all of them but I do know and like Adam Hills, he’s hilarious (check him out HERE and HERE).

22 Apr 2011

Easter twigs

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In Sweden we bring in birch twigs for Easter and decorate them with colourful feathers and soemtimes people also hang small little eggs in it. I’m guessing it’s another typically Swedish tradition, or do you know any other country that does that?

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22 Apr 2011

If you can

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21 Apr 2011

Glad Påsk!

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Now it’s officially Easter holiday. Yeah!! Feels great to have a couple of extra days off. We’ll start off the holiday by making a quick visit to Göteborg to hang with some friends and then on Saturday we’ll head down south to visit family and more friends. As usual a pretty busy schedule in order to spend time with everyone. Really looking forward to seeing Maria, Håkan and little Ella (my Godchild), we haven’t seen them in ages. A downer is the weather forecast though. It’s said to be nicer in Jönköping than in Karlshamn. 😛

Notice how long the days are now, the sun goes up around 5.30am and stays up until 8.30pm. I love this time of the year!

And just for comparison here is the weather forecast for Melbourne and Adelaide as well.

21 Apr 2011

Time to head to Blåkulla!

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It’s Maundy Thursday today (in Swedish Skärtorsdag) and according to Swedish ancient folklore this is the day when all the Easter Witches or Easter hags (in Swedish påskkärringar) fly on their broomsticks to meet up with the Devil himself at Blåkulla (litterally Blue Mountain).

The idea of Easter Witches is said to originate from the 17th century witches. The witch trials had its peak during 1660-1670 in Sweden and hundreds of women were executed accused of attending the Devil’s feast. This feast was held in a magnificent mansion often called Blåkulla. The witches believed they were being served lots of delicious food but in fact they were eating frogs, snakes and toads. In order to scare away the witches fires were lit and shot with rifles were fired something that is still done today with the bonfires during Walpurgis Night (April 30).

It’s not clear when the Easter tradition of today with the Easter Witches started but it traces back to at least the beginning of the 19th century.  Swedish children dress up in rags and old clothes, too big skirts and headscarves, paint rosy cheeks and freckles in their faces, carry a broom and go trick or treating in their neighbourhood, handing out paintings and drawings in the hope of getting lollies in return. When I was doing this back in the day I also remember us singing Easter songs (like the one about the chicken Gullefjun) when we knocked on the doors of our neighbours.