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21 Mar 2011

Midnight snack

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21 Mar 2011

Maria Montazami Collection

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Det har varit ganska stor mediauppståndelse runt Maria Montazami enda sedan hon medverkade i Svenska Hollywoodfruar så det är kanske ingen överraskning att hon utnyttjar detta guldläge och kommer ut med sin första egna kollektion av väskor och smycken. Givetvis är väskorna dekorerade med lite tofsar, eller som Maria då säger, tassels, tofsar låter ju lite tofsigt men tassels låter mer elegant. 🙂

Jag diggar Maria, tycker hon är otroligt underhållande och jag gillar verkligen hennes väskor. Skulle inte alls ha något emot att äga en (helst den stora i vitt eller brunt). Tyvärr ligger de lite över min spenderingsbudget just nu. Den lilla väskan kostar runt 4000 kr och den stora runt 5000 kr, men drömma kan man ju göra.

Har du lite mer pengar att spendera finner du en lista med återförsäljare HÄR och online kan du köpa dem exempelvis HÄR.

21 Mar 2011

Grass widow again

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I’m a grass widow (a woman whose spouse is away for a short period) again this week. Simon is in training with his new job this entire week. He’s in Malmö today and tomorrow and then in Göteborg on Wednesday and Thursday and then on the Friday we fly up north to Kiruna to attend our friends’ wedding. Busy week in other words especially since we’ve been away from home the last three weekends. I have a busy work week ahead of me plus I need to catch up on the neglected cleaning, laundry and other house stuff too this week.

We did have a great weekend this past weekend, we both went out for drinks on Friday night (which was a little bit too big of a night and too many gloves where lost for our liking) and visited my sister down in Halmstad. Her apartment looked so different this time from the last time we were there when she just moved in. Nice work Emma! Read more

18 Mar 2011


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Simon found a site on the internet (via the official AFL site) where it seems like he’ll be able to watch the games live in really good quality – LIVEAFL.TV. It’s a brand new site and we haven’t seen that good quality anywhere else. You can either sign up for a monthly or an annual pass. Simon signed up for the annual pass today so now he’s ready for the season to begin. Bring on the footy!

Repeating Monthly Pass:

The repeating Monthly Pass gives you access to the LIVEAFL.TV service for repeating 30 day periods for.

Territory A (subscribers*) $14.95 (£9.99) per month until you cancel your monthly subscription.

Territory B (subscribers**) $13.95 (£8.99) per month until you cancel your monthly subscription.

Repeating Annual Pass:

The repeating Annual Pass gives you access to up to 8 live matches and extended highlights each round from the time you purchase the Season Pass until the end of the 2011 season for.

Territory A (subscribers*) $89.95 (£54.99) per year until you cancel your yearly subscription.

Territory B (subscribers**) $85.95 (£49.99) per year until you cancel your yearly subscription.

The repeating Annual Pass option is great value for money and convenient as you only need to pay once.

All prices are in USD and British Pounds.

* Europe/European Union, excluding the UK and Ireland. New Zealand
** USA, Canada, South America, UK and Ireland.

18 Mar 2011

Setback for spring

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Yesterday almost all the snow was gone but last night it started snowing. I expected it to be some snow this morning but not quite the 20-30 cm that we received over night! It caused chaos here in Jönköping this morning with all but two bus lines cancelled and over 100 vehicles stuck in “Göteborgsbacken”, a steep hill on the way out of Jönköping which I normally drive up to go to work. Trucks were stuck in the three lanes from midnight and they started towing them up the hill.


I had to digg the car out before I could go to work and take a different route this morning avoiding the queues leading up the hill.  Even though the roads were plowed (but very bumpy) it took us twice as long to get to work compared to what it normally does, since we had to drive around 50 km/h the entire way….except for when we had to do 30km/h. 😛



Supposedly it’s said to be sunny this weekend and warmer so hopefully the snow is gone as fast as it arrived. Fingers crossed!

17 Mar 2011

Pizza salad Swedish style

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I think it’s pretty Swedish to eat pizza salad made out of cabbage with your pizza. Simon really likes it so I tried making my own a couple of months ago and it turned out really good. I made another batch today and thought I’d share the recipe with you all. Read more

16 Mar 2011

Våga fråga

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En av våra läsare, Jacqie, funderar på att flytta till Australien och ställde några frågor till oss som jag tänkte besvara så gott jag kan.

 Hur är hur det är att leva i Australien med alla farliga djur?

Detta är en väldigt vanlig fundering och jag var själv livrädd särskilt för spindlarna innan jag åkte till Australien. Och visst har Australien både giftiga spindlar, ormar, otäcka hajar, läskiga supergiftiga maneter och annat men jag kan ärligt säga att jag inte stött på en enda och då bodde jag ändå i landet i 6 månader. Bor man i en stad är förståss risken mindre att stöta på dessa otäckingar än om man befinner sig ute i Outbacken. Att jag var där vintertid påverkade säkert en del också, kan tänka mig att djuren är lite mer aktiva under sommaren.

Förra året när jag var och hälsade på Simon så var det tydligen ett par redbacks (ganska giftig spindel) i garaget som vi städade ut. Jag såg dem dock inte och Simon dödade dem och talade om det först efteråt vilket nog var tur annars hade jag nog flytt fältet.

Australiensisk Redback

Read more

16 Mar 2011

Svenskar på vift

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Nu är listan uppdaterad så du själv kan lägga till din blogg. Klicka bara på Click here to enter och skriv in en titel du vill ska synas i listan och din bloggadress. Bloggarna sorteras i bokstavsordning efter bloggtitel.  Saknas kategorin du vill att din blogg ska vara under? Lämna då en kommentar med var du bor och din bloggadress så lägger jag till den i listan.

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15 Mar 2011

New explosion

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Last night there was another explosion, this time in reactor No. 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. This time the  containment chamber was damaged and nuclear radiation is leaking out. 100 km north west of Tokyo in the city of Maebashi, authorities have recorded radiation levels ten times higher than normally and people are incouraged to stay inside.

Since the core had previously been uncovered when the cooling water levels dropped it’s now believed that a meltdown has taken place. This means that the nuclear fuel elements has become so hot that they’ve melted after which radioactive substances like cesium, xenon and iodine has been released. The technicians have been trying to cool down the reactor with sea water with added boron.

Japanese authorities have measured radiation levels of 400 millisieverts (mSv) per hour just outside the plant. After less than three hours in 400 mSv acute radiation syndrome occurs. The European limit for employees in the nuclear industry is 20 mSv per year for five years or a maximum of 50 mSv a year.

Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)
The lowest rate occurs at 1-2 sievert. The symptomes are nausea and vomiting for a period of more than one day, as well as fatigue, weakness and mild fever. Without qualified healthcare one out of 20 people is at risk of dying.

15 Mar 2011

More signs of spring

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A typical Swedish sign of spring is when the cranes return to Hornborgarsjön (Lake Hornborga). The first one arrived on Tuesday last week (March 8) and the day after he got his first buddy. Soon there will be thousands of them.

A pic from when I visited the lake back in 2007.

Hornborgarsjön is a lake located i in the ancient countryside in the tableland of Västergötland and it’s known for its rich bird life, especially the cranes. Each year thousands of thousands of cranes stop by the lake to rest before they continue on to their nesting places and their lively dance steps (Trandansen) attracts over 150 000 spectators each year from all around the world.

For more Typically Swedish things have a look HERE!