31 Mar 2011

Kiruna weekend

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I finally got around to writing an update about our weekend in Kiruna. Since Simon was in Göteborg having training during Wednesday and Thursday we thought it was a good idea to fly to Stockholm from there instead of having to drive. It didn’t feel as such a good idea on the Friday morning when the alarm went off at 4.40 am. We quickly packed our stuff and took the bus to the train station where we took the airport shuttle bus to Landvetter airport. Our flight was at 7 am in the morning which meant that we were very early in Arlanda and had a couple of hours to kill before we had our second flight to Kiruna.

 When we arrived we went to the hotel to check in. In the reception we had a snack waiting (a banana) and a map showing us where we were suppose to go next. We walked over to Kiruna’s camp site and where we met the rest of the gang. It was time for some burgers and hot dogs from the barbeque and then it was Norrland (the northern part of Sweden) Pentathlon time! Divided in four different teams we competed in; making a fire, snowracer slalom, butt patch bowling, some kind of saucer running race and finally a biathlon.


It was around -5 degrees but very windy so after a couple of hours outside we were happy to head back to the hotel, grab a couple of beers and hit the sauna followed by a shower and dinner and then an early night. It was really nice to wake up on the Saturday morning being able to stay in bed for a while, watching the Formula 1 from Melbourne before we went down and enjoyed a delicious hotel breakfast. Simon had his first Swedish waffle and he gave it thumbs up. Simon spent a couple of hours watching Adelaide’s first AFL game of the season while the rest of us went out sightseeing in Kiruna before we had to get ready for hte wedding.

Kiruna is very small city with a population of just under 20 000 and it’s best known for its iron ore mine and of course for the Ice hotel located in Jukkasjärvi around 17 km outside Kiruna city.

The church in Kiruna from 1912 is one of Sweden's largest wooden buildings.

After our little sightseeing it was time to go to the wedding. Since the ice church is located a bit outside Kiruna Cissi and Mackan had arranged for a bus to take us there. I think it will be the first and last time we attend a wedding ceremony dressed in thermos, beanies and gloves. This year’s ice church was a small medieval style church. The ceremony was really nice and Cissi and Mackan looked so beautiful (and a bit cold).

Detail in the ice church.

Cissi and Mackan coming out from the church on a "kick" with a Just married sign.

After the ceremony we had a couple of minutes to go in and look in the ice bar before we went back and got dressed for the party. The dinner was nice but both Simon and I realised how different Swedish and Aussie weddings are. I’ve only been to two Swedish weddings before and no Australian ones so I don’t have that much to compare with but we realised that in Sweden the dinners are quite long with a lot more speeches than a typical Australian one. After dinner the party continued with some dancing before we called it the night.

Thumbs up for icy drinks in the ice bar!

Unfortunately we sort of missed the fact that daylight savings time started so Simon and I accidentely overslept breakfast which was a bit of a bummer. We didn’t leave Kiruna until after 6pm on the Sunday so we were killing some time during the day taking another walk and having some lunch. Simon and I were back home in Jönköping around 10.30pm, our friends that drove down from Stockholm weren’t home until after 2 am so I think we did the right thing flying from Stockholm to Jönköping.

When we got home Simon just unpacked and packed again cause he went down to Malmö again on Monday to work. That, dear reader was our weekend in short. More pics can be found in the Picasa album below.

Wedding in Kiruna (2011-03-25 to 2011-03-27)
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