09 Feb 2011

Simon got the job!

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Good news yesterday. Simon signed a contract with the security company so now he’s officially employed! He will be a sales rep selling surveillance cameras to companies. It’s the same line of work as he used to have in back in Australia but there he worked for the biggest wholesaler not selling to the end customer as he will be doing here. I’m sure he’ll do fine though but understandable he’s a bit worried he won’t make sales.He starts work March 20th with a week of training, unfortunately it had to be the same week that we’re going up to Kiruna and the Ice hotel for our friends wedding so he’ll miss out on one day of training. The company are employing 15 new sales reps in he western region of Sweden and the area will be divided between them. They have to submit requests on what region they want to work in so now we have to do some investigation on whether he should pick the Jönköping area where we live today or if he’s better off picking Göteborg.

For the first three months he’ll be on a salary + commission and after that he’ll be working on full commission (having his own company working as an consultant). That way he’ll be sure to cover is expenses back in Australia at least for the first couple of months. Then we’ll see how it goes and decide what to do accordingly. Hopefully he has no problem making sales, will earn a decent salary and our life will be a lot easier.

All we have to do know is to find out how it works starting your own company (anyone knows anything about that?), Simon needs to get himself a laptop and we need to get a second car. No biggie, hey! 😛

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8 Responses to “Simon got the job!”

  1. Reply Anna o Jan - Man ser floden says:


    Hurra för svenska skatteverket. Ni läste rätt. Den information som de inte har om att starta företag finns inte. Dessutom är de som myndighet tvungna att hjälpa till med information. Det är bara att slänga sig på telefonen eller mejla när en fråga uppstår.

  2. Reply Eleonor says:

    Hej! tack för hjälpen men texten är photoshopad och tillhör headern =)
    Jason tackar för gratulationen! Kram

  3. Reply Anna says:

    Grattis till Simon!!

  4. Reply sara says:

    svar: tack för tipsen! 😀

  5. Reply Carolina says:

    Congratulations Simon!! Great to hear that you finally got a job! Hope you will like it and that it will work out well financially.

    We're in the middle of packing up everything here, and will arrive in Sweden on the 12th of April. We're looking forward to it, even though it is scary not knowing how it'll go with work and things. Have sent a few applications for both Glen and I, so we'll have to see how it goes. Would be nice to catch up when we get back home!

    Take care and all the best to both of you,

    Carolina and Glen

  6. Reply Boel says:

    STOOORT grattis till Simon!!!

  7. Reply Hanna says:

    Congrats Simon!! That's great news!!

  8. Reply Helena says:

    Grattis simon, so glad to hear, i am sure it will be great 🙂

    // Helena and James

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