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08 Feb 2011

The morning started with a storm

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img_4423 (MMS)

But then it got a lot better. Almost like Melbourne weather – four seasons in one day! 🙂

08 Feb 2011

Lovely Whitsundays!

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I love the Whitsundays (it’s one of the prettiest places on Earth), I love the Australian accent and I love the fact that the host in the clip goes bushwalking in thongs! 😛

08 Feb 2011

Hardest things in life

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07 Feb 2011


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Sitter och tittar lite pĂ„ Jersey Shore innan det Ă€r sĂ€ngdags. Simon Ă€r i Göteborg igen hos brorsan för han har ett nytt möte imorgon med företaget han var pĂ„ intervju hos för ett par veckor sedan. Tanken Ă€r att företaget som idag Ă€r baserat endast i Malmö ska anstĂ€lla 15 nya sĂ€ljare för etablering i vĂ€stregionen. Efter föregĂ„ende intervju lĂ€mnades han med tre olika lönealternativ att vĂ€lja mellan (endast fast lön, lön+ provision eller enbart provision). Han skulle Ă„terkomma med ett besked om han var intresserad och i sĂ„ fall vilken löneform han önskade och sedan skulle de fatta ett beslut om vilka personer de ville anstĂ€lla sĂ„ vi vet vĂ€l inte riktigt vad som Ă€r pĂ„ gĂ„ng. Vi fĂ„r se vad som sĂ€gs imorgon, det Ă€r ju positivt att de vill trĂ€ffa honom igen sĂ„ förhoppningsvis kan de komma överrens om nĂ„got som passar bĂ„da parter. Jag ska iaf hĂ„lla tummarna att det hela slutar med att Simon fĂ„r ett jobb, för det Ă€r han verkligen vĂ€rd. Uppdatering kommer! 🙂

07 Feb 2011

I love this game

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07 Feb 2011

Svenskar i Sydney?

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Ett litet tips till svenskar som befinner sig i Sydney.


The Swedish-Australian Young Professionals of Sydney would like to invite members and friends to after work drinks for Wednesday 9th February at Small Bar in the City.

Come and join us for this great opportunity to meet other members, network, catch up and relax over a drink or two at Small Bar’s downstairs Cellar Bar. Be sure to make it for $5 early bird drinks between 6pm – 7pm!



The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) was founded in Sydney 1911 and provides a platform for the social interaction between Swedish and Australian business interests in Australia. Today, the SACC is a membership funded, networking organisation with around 200 member companies and individuals. Members include a majority of Swedish companies active in Australia and several Australian companies active in Sweden.

SACC organizes functions, seminars and social events to provide members and guests with extensive networking opportunities in both Melbourne and Sydney. Membership of SACC not only gives your company access to the Swedish-Australian business community, but also provides a platform for business and social contacts that are made between members and guests.

Young Professionals is a very active sub-division of SACC, which organizes additional activities targeted to the younger members of the Chamber.

07 Feb 2011

Down Under

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Cause everything is upside down in Australia, right!?

05 Feb 2011

Windy Saturday

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It’s a very windy Saturday here today and SMHI as issued a Class I warning in the Jönköping area “Westerly winds with very strong gusts of around 21 m/s. Later in the afternoon declining.” Still waiting for the declining part.


I’m trying to get the apartment clean and tidy and Simon just left. He went to Tenhult, a neighbouring village (yes, I don’t think it’s large enough to be classified as a town) where AFL Sweden arranges an indoor tournament this arvo. He’s been in contact with them and if he came and joined them he probably be able to play too. We’ll see how he goes. Now back to the cleaning. 🙂

05 Feb 2011

Om jag hade pengar över…

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…skulle jag rusa till Cervera och köpa mig en KitchenAid!


04 Feb 2011

Calorie bomb!

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Semla (or fastlagsbulle) is a traditional pastry made in various forms in Scandinavia, Latvia and Estonia. The semla was originally eaten only on Shrove Tuesday (which this year is March 8), as the last festive food before Lent but nowadays people start eating semlor in the beginning of January. Newspapers get into this tradition too having tasting surveys aimed at finding the best semla in town.

I don’t know why semla is so important to Swedes. Some things are just very Swedish and are taken very seriously. Everyone has their own way of eating semla and a tradition around it.

A semla consists of a cardamom spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off and insides scooped out, and is then filled with a mix of the scooped out bread crumbs, milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with powdered sugar. Today it is often eaten on its own, with coffee or tea or you can eat it in a bowl of warm milk – hetvĂ€gg (literally meaning hot wall).

I love semlor and could eat heaps but maybe I just stick to one or two since they are quite the calorie bombs, each semla is about 360 calories!