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22 Feb 2011

Ever tried finding Burger King in Oz?

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Don’t bother! There isn’t a single Burger King restaurant in Australia. It’s actually the only country in the world where Burger King doesn’t operate under it’s own name. When the American company wanted to establish themselves down under back in 1971 they discovered that the business name already was trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. Read more

21 Feb 2011

It’s ok

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21 Feb 2011

Sverige vs Australia #18

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It was a long time since we posted anything in this category so it’s about time. And it’s about time Sweden gets another point so I’m bringing in a strong card – Spotify!

Spotify is a great Swedish software program where you can search and listen to music, make your own playlists by just dragging and dropping your tracks. There are currently 10 million tracks and counting to choose from in a variety of genres. The music plays live, there’s no need to wait for downloads and no big dent in your hard drive. You can listen at any time, no matter where you are. Through your computer or your mobile phone.

You can share tracks and playlists with your friends and have joint playlists they can add music to too. It’s simply great!  And best of all, it’s free (at least if you’re willing to put up with the version where you get the ad breaks).

Rock on Sweden!

Sverige – Australia 9-9

20 Feb 2011

Discover Sweden

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I love Australia but I love Sweden too so to be fair I have to promote my home country too and encourage you to have a look in the brochure below to discover the gems of Sweden. (Click on the pic)

19 Feb 2011

Hasta luego!

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Simon will be a grass widower (a Swedish saying for when your spouse is away for a short period of time) until Thursday night since I’ll be going on a business trip to Valladolid (Spain) and Corte Franca (Italy) next week, leaving tomorrow morning. We’re visiting two of our suppliers for some product training and updates.

It will be my second trip to Spain (since I was there visiting the same supplier back in November) and my first time ever in Italy. Too bad it has to be a business trip and not a pleasure trip. 😛

Since I’m the one doing all the blogging, the blog will probably be pretty quiet until I’m back but I’ve actually pre made a couple of blog posts set to be posted automatically while I’m gone and maybe I can try getting the mobile blogging function to work (whenever I try the posts always ends up in the wrong blog) and give you an update or two on the way.

Well I better prepare, just downloaded two handy cheat sheets (pdf files from Lonely Planet) in Spanish and Italian so I better start practising. Una cerveza grande, por favour. 😛

18 Feb 2011

Rekorderlig Cider

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Found out something that surprised me the other day. Apparently the Swedish Cider – Rekorderlig is available in Australia. It’s a good cider, I like it, but somehow it just surprised me that it made it all the way down under. It’s described on the Australian website as something exceptional:

Made from Pure Swedish spring water that runs directly under the brewery in Vimmerby Sweden, Rekorderlig is hot on the heels and a far cleaner tasting Cider than it’s core competitors. In Australia, it will be available in top venues. It will also be placed in prominent bottleshops. Find your nearest retailer HERE.

So far the range in Australia only includes Apple, Pear, Strawberry & Lime and Wild Berries, there are a couple of more flavours available in Sweden. Simon wanted to try them all so there might be a taste test going on at our place soon. Do you have a favourite?

In Sweden they actually even have an app, a Cider Finder, that helps you find the nearest bar, restaurant or bottle shop that sells the cider.

18 Feb 2011

There is nothing like Australia!

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Had a look in this brochure last night and dreamt myself away to the land Down Under. Click on the pic below to have a look and do the same!


16 Feb 2011

Boost Juice

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One of the things we truly miss about Australia are the Boost Juice Bars. Boost profile themselves as being a healthy alternative to fast food with a range of delicious low fat smoothies and juices. All products are at least 98% fat free, contain nothing artificial and are 100% delicious! We love them!

The first Boost Juice Bar opened in Adelaide back in 2000 but now you can find 187 stores (I think) all over Australia and also 47 of them overseas, none in Sweden though. 🙁 But the founder Janine Allis want to make Boost Juice a global phenomenon, so who knows maybe you can get Boost Juices in Sweden too, in 10 years or so.


15 Feb 2011

The secret is out

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 I read exciting news in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. It looks like the world famous lingerie company Victoria’s Secret might be coming to Australia. Apparently there are negotiations going on right now between Australian Speciality Fashion Group and Victoria’s Secret’s partner company Limited Brands.

 We are developing a very close relationship with them so, hopefully, we can be their licensee here for all their brands. – Speciality Fashion Group’s chief executive Gary Perlstein

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14 Feb 2011

February 14

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