16 Feb 2011

Boost Juice

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One of the things we truly miss about Australia are the Boost Juice Bars. Boost profile themselves as being a healthy alternative to fast food with a range of delicious low fat smoothies and juices. All products are at least 98% fat free, contain nothing artificial and are 100% delicious! We love them!

The first Boost Juice Bar opened in Adelaide back in 2000 but now you can find 187 stores (I think) all over Australia and also 47 of them overseas, none in Sweden though. 🙁 But the founder Janine Allis want to make Boost Juice a global phenomenon, so who knows maybe you can get Boost Juices in Sweden too, in 10 years or so.


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6 Responses to “Boost Juice”

  1. Reply Gabby says:

    Maybe you should open the first one in Sweden? Suppose it's franchising, isn't it? 😉
    Or try the Naked Juicebar, same concept, in Sweden 🙂

  2. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    @Gabby Maybe I should. Have tried Naked Juicebar….not the same thing even if it's good too. It's a lot more expensive too. 😛

  3. Reply Viktoria says:

    Grymt inlägg. Älskar din blogg (:

  4. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    @Gabby Tydligen är även Naked Juicebar från Australien, där ser man. 🙂

  5. Reply Boost International GM- Liv says:

    Hi Anna- Greetings from Boost Juice Bars!
    We are blending our famous smoothies in over 16 countries but sadly we have yet to enter Sweden even though we would love too. Maybe Gabby is right and you are the passionate person we have been looking for!
    In the mean time your closest store is just across the Baltic Sea, turn left out of the ferry terminal, cross the road (watch for the cars they drive on the wrong side of the road) and enter the Rocca Al Mare shopping centre in Estonia. Our Partners in Lithuania and Estonia would be more than happy to blend something up for you anytime. In the mean time on your next visit back to Australia please send me an email so we can send you some free drinks to thank you for your loyalty and make sure you get to satisfy your craving for a Boost Juice.
    Love Life!

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