14 Jan 2011

Status update

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It’s been a while since we posted anything in this category so I thought I would give you a little update on what’s going on. Simon is still attending his Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) classes and doing better and better. We’ve decided that we are going to start practising more at home, actually a request from Simon not me. He feels like he has a pretty good idea of the grammar but is lacking words so vocabulary training is on the agenda.

We’ve found out that the two things I posted earlier about the SFI bonus and the Step-in job, that sounded so good, only are things that people that come to Sweden as refugees are eligible to benefit from. So no luck or help there.

Simon is still looking for work and he has applied for lots of them. He’s doing a good job looking at Arbetsförmedlingens homepage (the Public Employment Services, where a majority of the jobs are posted), using google to translate and understand them and then I assist him a bit writing the personal letter and send the applications off for the jobs he wants to apply for. It’s a time consuming work that’s for sure. He’s applied for both work as sales representative within his normal line of work (surveillance cameras and alarms) and other more practical work such as labourer, warehouse worker, production worker and snow shoveller too. But still nothing.

After his first interview for a sales rep position he was told they wanted someone younger so that job was out of the question (we saw yesterday that the company reposted the ad for the third time so clearly they haven’t found what they are looking for yet). Just before New Year’s he went for a second interview for a job as a labourer at a company mainly doing roofing. It sounded positive, he wanted to give him a trial for a couple of days and see how it went. The problem now for that company is the weather and all the snow preventing them from doing a majority of their work so I guess business is running a bit slow. But Simon has been trying to call him several times this week to see if he could set up a time for the trial days but he keeps calling at bad times, the guy asks him to call back or says he will call back and then he never does. So don’t know really what’s going on with that.

On Wednesday we applied for another couple of jobs and a sales rep job at a surveillance camera company was one of them. It sounded really interesting and challenging. Simon has been looking up different companies working within the security business with surveillance cameras and collected contact email addresses. Yesterday he sent out a general letter introducing himself and just saying that he’s looking for work asking if they have any available positions. The company that he sent of the application to the day before was among these and 10 min after he sent of the email the recruiter calls (who’s an American by the way). She says she meant to call him and said that they’re extremely interested in meeting him and that they truly value someone with as much experience of the business as Simon has. Good news! So now we’re waiting on more information there and we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Reply Anonymous says:

    Hej Anna och Simon

    Måste bara skicka en liten kommentar gällande instegsjobb (step-in-job). Jag skrev för ett tag sedan och tipsade om detta då min sambo Ryan fick jobb genom att använda sig utav instegsjobb genom arbetsförmedlingen. Han har ett uppehållstillstånd med anhörig-anknytning till mig, vilket jag har förstått att även Simon har.

    På arbetsförmedlingens hemsida står det: "Att få ett instegsjobb är också en möjlighet för dig som är nyinflyttad att snabbare lära dig språket. Har du fått uppehållstillstånd under de senaste 36 månaderna kan du få ett instegsjobb."


    Jag tycker verkligen att ni ska försöka igen med instegsjobb för precis som ni har skrivit om, vilket även vi har upplevt, så finns det mycket okunniga personer som arbetar i de olika myndigheterna som man kommer i kontakt med vilket får följden att man ofta får felaktiga svar. Så skriv ut all info om instegsjobb och ta med det som stöd när ni har kontakt med ams så ska det nog allt gå vägen!

    Lycka till! /Ida och Ryan

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