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10 Jan 2011

Queensland is flooded

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I’m sure you haven’t missed that it’s been raining a fare bit in Australia lately, especially in the northern parts, in Queensland, where several cities have been flooded. Especially Rockhampton is hit hard and the water level in Fitzroy River is 9.2 meters above normal levels. It’s a rain period in the northern parts of Australia every year but it rained up to six times more compared to the average downfall during December last year.

Flood peaks in eastern Australia over the period 26 November 2010 – 7 January 2011.

An aerial view of partially submerged houses in flooded Rockhampton, January 2

I read somewhere that the area under water is as big as Germany and France together and that’s a VERY big area. Cattle stations, crops and houses are under water and they have trouble getting supplies into the area since the airport is under water too but the army has been evacuating people and bringing in supplies with Blackhawk helicopters.

The water has forced snakes out of their holes and they,

as well as the humans are trying to escape the rising water.

I also read that the town of Toowomba, located 120 km west of Brisbane, was hit by raging flood water today causing the death of at least four people.

Today just went from a normal wet day with heavy rain to a day of disaster here” a Toowoomba resident told Herald Sun. “Everything happened so quickly. There was a lot of heavy rain here and then all of a sudden some light thunder and lightening and all hell broke loose.

Cars piled up after being washed away by the raging flash flood.

Not a very good start to 2011 for Australia and the wonderful state Queensland. It will take years to recover from the billions of dollars loss the flooding has caused. The three main industries in the area (the mining, agriculture and tourism) have all been affected and the supply of fruit and veggies is drying up which will mean they have to start importing and the prices will then of course be a lot dearer.

10 Jan 2011

Monday morning…

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…first day back at work after my Christmas holiday and it feels a bit like this:

10 Jan 2011

An update will come

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Later today is my plan so hang in there! 🙂

07 Jan 2011

Things that never happen in Australia

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A Swedish couple was rescued the other day from a broken ice off the coast of Gothenburg. The pair had been ice skating on the frozen sea when a tugboat came past and broke up the ice, leaving them stranded on a thin sheet of frozen water. They called the coast guard and was rescured by a helicopter within 30 minutes and brought into safety. That got to have been a scary experience!

07 Jan 2011

No more!

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It’s a classic, to give New Year’s resolutions you can’t keep. But at least I will try my best to keep mine. I’ll kick start a healthier life style and as a part of that I’ll stop eating lollies and chocolate.

It will be hard since I truly LOVE licorice and chocolate from the bottom of my heart. I’ll allow myself to eat a piece of “real” chocolate from time to time, you know the really dark 70% kind since you’ll eat one piece of that and not a whole chocolate bar. There will be no chips either. From now on my snacks will be carrots and cucumbers with dip. Ohh, it sounds like my 2011 will be pretty boring! 😛

02 Jan 2011

2010 – A recap

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It’s always fun to look back at what’s really happened the last year and having a blog makes it of course a bit easier to remember. I often feel like not much exciting happens in my life but when I sum it up like this I realise that I achieved so much more and much more has happened than I recall so here is a short recap of my quite eventful 2010, month by month.

Simon was still visiting Sweden and we spent a couple of freezing days sightseeing in Stockholm. We also travelled to visit friends of mine in the northern part of Sweden, Örnsköldsvik. January 17 we had a tearful goodbye at Landvetter Airport when Simon went back to Australia. I booked a trip to go to Melbourne for three weeks in mid-May. I travelled to Holland with work to visit one of my suppliers in Drunen and spent a couple of extra days sightseeing in Amsterdam with my friend and co-worker Erica. Read more

01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year!

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