10 Jan 2011

Our New Year’s in Vienna

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Finally here is the update about our wonderful long weekend in Vienna and I apologize in advance for the very long blog post but for those to lazy to read just look at the pics. 😉 For you who don’t know it Vienna or Wien as it’s called in German and Swedish is the capital of Austria. It’s a fairly big city with it’s population of just under 1.7 million people. The reason we went to Vienna in the first place was to visit Martin and Deborah, friends of Simon’s that live in Melbourne. Martin is Austrian and they were back to visit friends and family and invited us down.

Martin & Deb

I had taken the day before New Year’s Eve off so that we could travel down on the Thursday. We started early in the morning driving down to Malmö and then we took the train over to Kastrup (the airport in Copenhagen were we flew out). An hour and a half’s flight later we landed in Vienna. Martin met up with us at the train station in the city and went straight to a local pub to meet up with Martin’s dad and have a beer…and a schnapps. There were many more schnapps to come during the rest of the stay. I can’t believe how much schnapps the Austrian seem to drink. We then dropped off our bags in the house that we were staying at. Martin’s friend had moved in with his girlfriend and still had his old house and since it was empty he kindly enough let us stay there.

We went to a local restaurant for some dinner with Martin, Deb some friends of theirs and Martin’s dad. We had a traditional Austrian meal, some kind of casserole don’t remember the name. During dinner we got introduced to two other typical Austrian things that we thought were weird.

  1. Austrians smoke like chimneys and they do it everywhere at restaurants and at home, inside and outside.
  2. You’re allowed to bring your dog with you anywhere, to restaurants, bowling alleys…anywhere.

Just a normal dog bar, nothing strange with that….at least not in Austria.

To finish off the evening we went ten pin bowling, or vodka bowling as we like to call the game. I don’t know if it was normal or not, but to order a whole bottle of Absolut vodka was at least possible at the bowling alley not sure it’s even possible in Sweden. We stayed at the bowling alley until we got kicked out, oups! We had a great time but the night might have been a bit big considering it was the night before New Year’s Eve and we got home at 3.30 am or something like that. 🙂


We had a house party to go to on New Year’s Eve but before then Deb was kind enough to take us on a tour of Vienna. Apparently A LOT of Italian tourists visit Vienna over New Year’s (the campsite close to where we stayed was packed with campervans) and there were lots of people in the city just walking around, stopping at one of the many outdoor stages around the city center or at one of the many little market stalls selling food (lots of sausages especially KĂ€sekreiner – sausages with cheese), beer, JĂ€germeister, Champagne, hot chestnuts and of course GlĂŒewein.

We came in contact with another Austrian New Year’s (or Sylvesterabend as the Austrians call the day) tradition, apparently it’s custom to buy small little figures and give away to bring good luck in the new year for the person you give it to. Lot’s of the figures are pigs since the pig symbolizes good luck. We walked around the city for a couple of hours and got to see the main attractions, Vienna sure is a beautiful city with lots of impressing buildings.

Just as a side note I can also inform you that I managed to sprain my ancle when I missed the last step of the stair, walking from the house to the car when we were heading to the party. It definetly isn’t my winter this winter. The evening was very different from how I’m used to celebrating New Year’s Eve, with traditional three course sit down dinners where everyone is dressed up for New Year’s Eve. We were invited to a house party and dinner was a nice barbecue with spare ribs, chicken, halloumi, potatoe sallads, sallads, dips, garlic bread and all other kind of nice food. Not too weird I agree but the strangest part was that we spent the majority of the time OUTSIDE! 🙂 It wasn’t too cold just around 0 degrees but still, it gots a bit cold in the long run. We had fires running all night in tin drums from old washing machines and the possibility to go inside into a outdoor room where it was a bit warmer but since everyone in there was smoking it wasn’t very pleasant to be inside.

Midnight offered yet more Austrian traditions, we had the countdown on the radio and at 12 we set of the fireworks (which is normal of course) but the radio started playing the classical Wiener Waltz and everyone started dancing waltz. Hmmm, different! 🙂 We also got to melt pieces of tin on a spoon over a candle, pour it in a bowl of water and then we were suppose to interpet the shape and read our fortune. Fun but I have no idea what to read out of our shapes.

New Year’s Day was a lazy day and we didn’t do much more than go out for a typical Wiener Schnitzel dinner. The Sunday was spent with Martin’s family and friends at Weingut Pannonia Migsich, a vineyard in Burgenland about an hour outside Vienna. The owners were friends of Martin and Deb and they opened the vineyard especially for us. We went on a guided tour and got to taste some really nice wines. I must admit I didn’t even realise Austria was famous for its wines. My bad!

We had one more full day before we had to go home and we did some more sighseeing, we had to see Schönbrunn, the world famous palace, before we left. Truly impressive but I think you have to see it during Spring or Summer to really see its real beauty for that massive garden will probably be amazing then. We also took another short walk in the city guided by Deb and then we went home to cook a traditional Austrian meal (which turned out absolutely lovely). Well some of us helped cooking and some of us just drank beer and schnapps….I don’t mention names. 😉

Thomas, Deb and I with our yummy roast (and no I’m not pregnant even though I look it :P)

Other things that we learned about Austrians is that they like to drink Spritzers (white wine mixed with soda) and Coca Cola mixed with Fanta (don’t remember what they called it) – very sweat. They have really nice beer, Gösser was my favourite.

To sum it all up we had an awesome time and we’re really glad we decided to go. We love to go back again but during Spring or Summer when we believe the city is even more beautiful. But for this time we want to thank Martin & Deb for everything!

I’ll put up more pics in a picasa album as soon as Simon has fixed the new harddrive.

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  1. Reply Lina says:

    Ni verkar ha haft en underbar weekend i Wien. MÄste erkÀnna att jag hajade till pÄ det sista fotot, innan jag lÀste bildtexten :-).

  2. Reply Liz says:

    Hej Anna!
    Tack for kommentaren, ja vi ar glada for att hon mar bra igen, det var lite laskigt innan vi visste hur eller varfor hon fick sa svara utslag.
    Harligt inlagg om Vienna! Jattekul att lasa! Sjalv har jag bott 8 ar i Tyskland och kommer sa val ihag Weissweinshale som tyskarna kallar Spritzer! Mycket gott! Och tyskarna kallade sin mix av Cola/Fanta for Spezi – vet inte om dom kallar det sa i Osterrike ocksa? Tyskarna blandade hade ocksa en forkarlek till Colabier eller Fantabier….bla!! Just som det later cola och fanta blandat i olen..Daremot maste jag erkanna att jag alskade Radler!! Ol med citronsoda! Saaaa gott och sa svalkande en varm dag!! Fanns ju att kopa fardigblandat ocksa! Tyvarr blev det aldrig av att aka till Osterrike, jag skulle garna ha gjort det da man bodde sa nara…nu har i USA blir det lite svarare att ta sig till alla resmal i Europa som man missade nar man var dar..Jag hade ocksa garna besokt Spanska ridskolan, lite hastfantast som jag ar..:) Kram

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