13 Jan 2011

Making the EU more AU

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Europe is under threat, at least according to Australian Lambassador Sam Kekovich. “They’ve got the EU headquarters in a city named after a sprout and the French eating frog’s legs instead of lamb legs. At least the Italians are on the right track with Lambrettas, Lambrusco and Lamborghinis.

For those of you who (just like me) have no idea who Sam Kekovich is,  I can inform you that he’s an Australian media personality, sports commentator and former AFL player. He’s well known for his series of satirical advertisements as the spokesman for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to promote the lamb industry – hence the name Lambassador (Lamb + ambassador).

The Australia Day Lamb Campaigns first appeared back in 2005 when Sam encouraged people to eat more Australian lamb. In the 2005 ad campaign, he labeled vegetarians as being unAustralian, provoking outrage from groups such as animal rights activists. The ads has then been an annual event in the lead up to Australia Day and this year he’s targeting us Europeans calling us to unite to “rid the world of the dark spectre of unAustralianism” by eating lamb on International Australia Day. “Because if the world were more like Australia, it would be a better place. Everyone would stop fighting, and get together as mates over a Lamb barbie — just like we do Down Under.”

Australia Day by the way is on January 26 and if you want to watch previous year’s campaigns click on the links below to get to the clips.

Australia Day 2005
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Australia Day 2009
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