21 Dec 2010

How much do you know about koalas? – answers

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Here are the correct answers to the quiz. Haven’t seen it yet? Go have a look HERE before you cheat and look at the answers.

1. What sort of animal is a koala?

b) marsupial (in Swedish pungdjur)

2. How many thumbs do koalas have on their front paws?

c) 2

3. How many hours a day do koalas spend sleeping?

d) up to 20 hours

4. When it’s cold or wet, what position do koalas sleep in?

b) curled up in a ball

5. When it’s hot or humid, what position do koalas sleep in?

c) all sprawled out in the fork of a tree

6.What do koalas eat?

c) gum leaves

7. What are baby koalas called?

a) joeys

8. How big is a newborn koala?

a) the size of a jellybean

9. What unusual thing do baby koalas eat?

d) their mother’s poo

10. What noise does a koala make?

b) grunts like a pig

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