29 Dec 2010

Christmas report

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We’ve been, or I’ve been is maybe more correct to say since it’s mostly me who’s blogging, a bit abscent from the blog lately but it just because we’ve been enjoying a nice (but short) Christmas break.

Christmas was spent in Blekinge with the rest of my family. It was quite an interesting Christmas with everyone bringing their animals forming a small little zoo at mum’s with 2 dogs and 4(!) cats but it all went well. Lots of food as always some of them definitely not to Simon’s liking. How can you not like pickled herring? 😛 We decided not to buy any Christmas gifts at all this year which felt a bit weird, maybe we’ll do it differently next year.

Christmas Day was cold, -9 degrees outside but we had decided to go out sledding so we did anyway. As the old Scandinavian saying states “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.” We went to Nytorpet in a nature reserve close to where I grew up and to a hill we used to go sledding on as kids but I don’t remember the hill being so steep, the jumps so big and the landing so hard. Despite that it was lots of fun and we all came down the hill with a bit of different techniques, mine a bit more unco than others according to Simon, and some bruises. 😛

Beautiful winter road at Nytorpet.


The unco technique – to my defence though I have to say it’s really hard to get your feet back down in the sled once you hit a bump and they fly up!

Simon in action, a second later he was off the sled! 😛

The end result of Emma trying to go down the hill on a plastic bag.

I think we might have spent more time in the snow than on the actual sled and we all had snow getting inside jackets and shoes. We spent a couple of hours out in the snow before we went back home to get the charcoal bbq going and put some spicy chorizo sausages on it. Yum!

More photos can be found in the Picasa Xmas 2010 album.

Xmas 2010

This week I’ve been back at work again but I only work one more day before we head to Vienna. The blog will be a bit quiet again during the days we’re gone but I promise to give you an update once we’re back next week. It’s been very cold here lately with temperatures around -10 to -18 degrees and I’m happy to see that it, according to the forecast, looks like it won’t be quite as cold during New Year’s at least. And in some parts of the world it’s going to be even warmer. 😛

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    Tack så mycket.. Vi måste gifta oss inom 90 dagar efter min ankomst till USA. Det är så visumet lyder. Så de flesta viger sig som vi gjorde och sedan har ett bröllop. =) Tur för mig som får gifta mig två gånger med samma man =) YAAAY!

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