28 Dec 2010

Amazing Race in Kiruna

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There seem to be nothing good on TV lately so Simon and I started watching another season of the Amazing Race, the latest season – 17. It’s a really good season with some great teams. We love the doctors Nat and Kat, the father/daughter team Mallory (a.ka Sunshine) and Gary and the TV home shopping hosts Brooke and Claire.

In one of the episodes we watched last night the teams left the heat in Ghana and headed for the Arctic Circle and some icy fun in Sweden. The teams were set to make their way to Kiruna and the world famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Though the episode was recorded in October or something like that so they didn’t actually go to the ice hotel (since it’s not there that time of the year) but to the ice storage where the ice is kept until winter. The clue they received there was of course etched in a big block of ice! One of the teams, the father/son team Michael and Kevin, that were saved from being eliminated in the last leg of the race had to perform a speed bump which this time meant they had to sit on an ice chair for 10 minutes. Really, how can that be a challenge, it doesn’t seem that hard!

The teams also got to go dog sledding down a dirt road (with summer training sleds on wheels) in one of the road blocks and then head to Vassijauri (Sweden’s most northerly located train station) where they had to choose between going sledding down a steep snowy hill (which looked like a lot of fun) or building a kåta (a tepee looking house used by the sami people, the arctic indigenous people) in the detour. The Swedish leg of the race ended at the pit stop in Riksgränsen (right on the boarder to Norway).

Great publicity for Sweden and Kiruna one might think but what’s funny is that Lars Törnman, the mayor of Kiruna apparently knew nothing about this, one of the largest reality TV shows in the world, being recorded in his municipality. “We have so many people running loose in the forests and mountains so we can not keep track of all. And the size of Kiruna is equal to half of Switzerland“, he says. Come on, how can you not know? But it seems that this event very quietly went by without being acknowledged in any Swedish media.

Now we’re just waiting for the Australian season to start being aired – HERE.

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