29 Oct 2010

Time is of the essence

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It’s dark in the mornings when I get up (just around 6am), it’s dark when I eat breakfast and it’s dark when I drive to work. I hate this time of year, the darkness always takes my energy away and makes me tired.

Speaking of time, we discovered another difference between Sweden and Australia the other day when Simon was complaining about starting school so early. Early?! 8am is not early it’s perfectly normal and since I start work at 7.30am (which is also perfectly normal in Sweden), not starting until 8am seems a bit luxurious to me.

I never really thought about it before but if I remember correctly we started school at 8am but in Australia school doesn’t start until 9am (so of course Simon thinks 8am is early). The same goes for work, I did start work later last year when I was working in Australia too. My normal work hours was 8.30am-5pm, with only a 30 minutes lunch break (at least when I did the hours I was suppose too most of the time I did plenty of overtime).

My work in Sweden is a bit special, we have different hours during summer and winter which isn’t standard. During summer we work less and during winter a bit more. So my normal work hours during winter (September-April) are from 7.30am-4.30pm Mondays-Thursdays and 7.30am-3.30pm on Fridays. During summer (May-August) they’re 7.30am-4pm Mondays-Thursdays and 7.30am-3pm on Fridays.

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