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04 Oct 2010

National Cinnamon Bun Day

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Did you know that today, October 4th, it’s the National Cinnamon Bun Day? It might seem like a peculiar holiday but here in Sweden it’s pretty well known and appreciated. The day was founded back in 1999 to give attention to the cinnamon bun, a beloved icon of Swedish cuisine and in the Swedish culture.

Swedish Cinnamon buns are a bit different from example American cinnamon buns. We use cardamon in our dough and they are baked in a very hot oven for only a few minutes. This makes them light and fluffy with a nice brown surface without getting dry or overbaked. They’re also always baked in individual paper cups (a bit like lower muffin cups). Also Swedish buns are never glazed, they’re just covered with pearl sugar.

The kitchen is not finished enough for me to be able to bake any buns this afternoon but to celebrate the day I’ll give you a recipe for Swedish Cinnamon Buns instead. (The recipe is collected from Anne’s food.) Read more

04 Oct 2010

Sämst på att komma ihåg födelsedagar?

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Då vill jag tipsa om en kanonsida – På sidan kan du söka upp dina vänner, se när de fyller år och ställa in att du ska bli påmind i god tid innan det är dags att komma ihåg att gratulera. Funkar bara i Sverige men lite häftigt var att jag faktiskt kunde hitta Simon i registret också, han är ju trots halvsvensk nu när han har ett personnummer och är folkbokförd i Sverige. 🙂


02 Oct 2010

Finally sorted

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I rushed from work yesterday to be able to make it to the Tax Agency office so Simon could order his identification card (ID card). They close early every day, already at 4pm. We came running in the door at 3.55pm and the guy helping us just laughed at us. But it didn’t take more than 10 min to get the application ready and the photo for the ID card taken. We were told that Simon will get a letter in the mail in about 4 weeks. Apparently all ID cards are issued in Stockholm and it’s only 16 people working with this for the whole of Sweden so it takes a while. Once he gets the letter he has to wait another couple of workdays before he can go to the Tax Agency office to pick it up. Read more

02 Oct 2010

Grattis på födelsedagen!

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02 Oct 2010

And then there was a winner

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The replay of the AFL Grand Final this morning was quite an outclass and Collingwood won over St Kilda by 58 points (108-52). Simon was up watching it on the computer through Omnisport (almost all of it at least, he gave up in the last quarter). He had to pay (5.99 USD) to be able to stream it but the quality was alright plus he got the Australian commentators too which he didn’t get last week on Eurosport 2.

01 Oct 2010

Pippi Långstrump

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in Sweden know who Pippi Långstrump or Pippi Longstocking is, and many outside Sweden too. Pippi is one of absolutely wonderful author Astrid Lindgren’s most famous characters. describes Pippi;

Pippi Longstocking is in truth an unusual young girl. She is financially independent since she owns a sackful of gold pieces. She can shoot a revolver and sail on the seven seas. She is both cheeky and kind, she can carry a horse and she can outlift the strongest man in the world, Mighty Adolph. Read more

01 Oct 2010

Something about you

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