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21 Oct 2010

Memories of Sweden Plexi

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Remember the nice silver bracelet from Memories of Sweden? If not read about it HERE. If you, just as me, liked it but thought the price was a bit too expensive then you’re in luck. A new plexi glass version has just been released and the price suits the wallet a bit better – 490SEK.

It’s available in three different colours; AIR (LUFT), GRANITE (GRANIT) and CLOUDBERRY (HJORTRON). I wouldn’t mind having the granite one around my wrist. Of course this collection too is manufactured in Småland and bent by hand so each bracelets is unique.

21 Oct 2010


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20 Oct 2010


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För tidigt? Jag är ju en julnörd så även om det bara är oktober än så länge måste jag tipsa om en fin adventsljusstake som jag har hittat genom en blogg jag följer (Sara vill fara). De kommer snart finnas tillgängliga på Favoritsaker och kommer kosta 199 kr. Väcker starkt ha-begär!

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20 Oct 2010

Beautiful Australia

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20 Oct 2010

IKEA job interview

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IKEA is a dear subject to make fun of. Here is another one:

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19 Oct 2010

More pressies!

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The birthday celebration this weekend went well. Simon had worked extremely hard the days I was gone working in Stockholm and the apartment looked great (and smelled clean) when I got home late Friday night. It was a bit of grand opening of the new kitchen this weekend since the birthday dinner on the Saturday was basically the first real meal we’ve cooked in the new kitchen. I will post a before and after blog post soon too so you can see the finished result. The transformation is total.

I got some more nice pressies that I want to show you too while I’m at it. I got a very cool Diesel watch from Simon. From Bo I got two beautiful shade candle holders (skuggljusstakar) by Ernst Kirchsteiger and from my siblings with partners I got lots of nice coffees and teas plus the clock that I wanted from Ellos (but it want arrive until next month). I also got some money so I’ll save up some more and buy myself a tripod and an external flash for my camera too.

But the birthday was of course not only about the physical gifts. It was a big gift to be able to celebrate the day with the whole family, it’s not very often that we all see each other so that was a treat in itself. But now we’re truly looking forward to a weekend without kitchen renovations, trips or visitors (no offence). Nothing planned so far. I can’t wait – bring on the weekend!
19 Oct 2010

Feeling stressed?

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19 Oct 2010

First day of school

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Simon got a call from ABF VUX last Thursday letting him know he should start school on Monday (yesterday). The woman who called him up spoke Swedish to him first which might seem a bit weird since his taking classes to learn Swedish but I guess it might have been some kind of test. He was told he would get more information sent on his email and guess what, it was in Swedish too! Read more

18 Oct 2010


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The signs speak for themself don’t they? They fall under the category – Things you never see in Sweden. =)

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18 Oct 2010

IKEA car kit

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We’re currently looking at getting a new car, maybe this is an option 😉


All the required tools are included in the package:

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