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28 Oct 2010


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Once again an IKEA joke. =)

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28 Oct 2010

Oct. 28 2010

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The old fishing village Helgumannen in Fårö, Gotland. (Sweden)

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27 Oct 2010

Oct. 27 2010

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Sometimes a picture speaks more than a thousand words. That’s why we’re introducing the new category – Pic of the day. The idea is to post random photos in this category from two of the most beautiful countries in the world – Sweden and Australia! We’re off to a flying start but the idea isn’t necessarily to post one photo every day but rather when we feel like it, but we’ll see how we go. Enjoy!

Lovely kangaroo at Melbourne Zoo (Australia).

All photos in this category are taken by us and we appreciate if you don’t use them without our permission.

27 Oct 2010

Don’t do it

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26 Oct 2010

Disregard previous letter

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The Tax Agency are very professional, yesterday Simon got a second letter saying (in Swedish of course) that he should disregard the letter he received on Friday (HERE). Though we’ve already posted the signed paper they asked for with an angry letter from me letting them know how I felt about their incompetence. =P

The new letter refereed to the new rule, valid from October 1st this year, (Simon’s identity can be confirmed by comparing information from the Migration Board) and stated that they assumed he allowed them to compare the information from the application with the register. All of a sudden no need to sign anything any more. It also said that if he didn’t want them to do that, he should contact the Tax Agency via letter or phone and let them know that. Good work! I’m impressed, really I am….NOT!

25 Oct 2010


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25 Oct 2010

Packed to the Rafters

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Me and Simon had a very relaxing weekend which was great. The weather was crap (it rained almost the entire weekend) so it was perfect for spending time relaxing on the couch. We started watching Packed to the Rafters and safe to say we got hooked. Packed to the rafters is an Australian television series revolving around the Rafter family.

The series centres around the characters Dave and Julie Rafter and their three children Rachel, Ben and Nathan. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the couple thinks that they are finally about to have the house to themselves. But home is a very welcome refuge for their children and when unforeseen problems loom, they return like a boomerang. After Dave faces unemployment, Julie’s father suffers a panic attack, son Nathan and daughter-in-law Sammy need a place to stay, daughter Rachel leaves her abusive boyfriend Daniel, and son Ben moves next door but continues to drop in, the household is ‘packed to the rafters’.

You might recognise Rebecca Gibney (who plays Julie Rafter) from the Flying doctors where she played the mechanic Emma Plimpton. 🙂

22 Oct 2010

Another screw up

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It just never ends. Simon had a letter today from the Tax Agency. Another letter from an authority in Swedish!! This time the letter was letting him know that he on October 2nd had applied for an identification card (ID card) and that he then had identified himself with an Australian passport (so clearly they could have figured out he wasn’t Swedish and therefore probably don’t understand SWEDISH). It also said that the passport isn’t a valid form of identification (we knew that even though the fact that it isn’t, is weird) and that his identity had to be witnessed by either someone with a valid form of identification (for example me) or that from October 1st the identity can also be proved by comparing the application with information that the Migration Board has in their records (but for this Simon has to sign a paper authorising them to check the records and send that paper back to the Tax Agency). Read more

22 Oct 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

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Vi fick en fin utmärkelse igår av Anna & Jan som skriver i bloggen Man ser floden. Anna & Jan är båda svenskar men de bor i Portugal där de just nu håller på att bygga upp sin drömfarm. Deras blogg är mysig läsning om vad som händer när man vågar följa sina drömmar. Tusen tack för utmärkelsen! Read more

22 Oct 2010

First snow

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It’s not much but it’s white, it’s snow and it’s definitely way too early!