13 Oct 2010

Australians sure talk funny 2 – quiz

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Do you know the answers? If you don’t you can cheat and have a look at the answers. If you missed the first quiz on the subject, it can be found HERE.

Hint: the blog post G’day mate! might be of some help 😉

1. What is the name of the large desert filled with sand that makes up 50 percent of the Australian continental landscape?

a) The Kalahari Desert
b) The Gobi Desert
c) The Great Sandy Desert

2. The term, ‘Flat out like a lizard drinking’, means:

a) You are lying on your belly… thirstily guzzling water from the river, or a handy billabong.
b) You are extremely busy.
c) You are having sex.

3. If someone is a bit ‘toey’, they’re:

a) A bit nervy and sensitive.
b) A bit on the smelly side.
c) A shocking dancer.

4.The term, ‘Dry as a dead dingo’s donger’, indicates:

a) A condition of impotence.
b) A condition of death.
c) A condition of thirst.

5. Blowies are:

a) Huge winds.
b) Big flies.
c) Sheep dogs.

6. ‘As flash as a rat with a gold tooth’, indicates:

a) You’re a quick and agile thief.
b) You’re fast on your feet.
c) You look especially smart and well-dressed.

7. Is the term, ‘How’s your belly where the pig bit ya?’:

a) An insult.
b) A query as to a porcine injury.
c) A greeting.

8. The expression, ‘Strike a light’, indicates:

a) You’re in need of a match.
b) Surprise and disbelief.
c) You knocked the lamp over on the coffee table.

9. ‘Humping my bluey’, is:

a) Having sex with a redhead.
b) Having sex with a cattledog.
c) Carrying a bag.

10. The common meaning of ‘a slab’ is:

a) A coroner’s table.
b) A quantity of beer.
c) A cement block.

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