18 Oct 2010

Australians sure talk funny 2 – answers

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Here are the correct answers to the quiz. Haven’t seen it yet? Go have a look HERE before you cheat and look at the answers.1.  What is the name of the large desert filled with sand that makes up 50 percent of the Australian continental landscape?
c) The Great Sandy Desert

Australians are renowned for the imagination given to naming their natural wonders. Shark Bay in Western Australia… has sharks in it. The Great Sandy Desert is surprisingly… large… and full of sand.

2.  The term, ‘Flat out like a lizard drinking’, means:
b) You are extremely busy.

Imagine a lizard in the desert who finds… surprise surprise… a puddle of water. They lie down and they drink… a lot… quickly… because who knows when they will find another waterhole, after all!

3.  If someone is a bit ‘toey’, they’re:

a) A bit nervy and sensitive.

As in hopping about from one foot to the other, on your toes… ready to run. Can also refer to someone who’s had a really bad day and is likely to take your head off if you even look at them sideways.

4. The term, ‘Dry as a dead dingo’s donger’, indicates:
c) A condition of thirst.

 A dead dingo generally has a very dry donger… much like a really dry throat when you are thirsty.

5. Blowies are:
b) Big flies.

 Specifically, Blow flies. Horrible ugly things that look like sultanas. Can also be called, “Louies,” (pron. loo-ies) after a popular, old Aussie Telly commercial.

6. ‘As flash as a rat with a gold tooth’, indicates:
c) You look especially smart and well-dressed.

 …and don’t rats with gold teeth look smart and elegant?

7.  Is the term, ‘How’s your belly where the pig bit ya?’:
c) A greeting.

Generally speaking, if you haven’t been bitten by a pig on the abdomen recently, the terminology refers to your general state of health… as in, “How’ ya goin, mate?”

8.  The expression, ‘Strike a light’, indicates:
b) Surprise and disbelief.

Well what do you do when you just find something totally astounding, or unbelievable? You tell the bastard… umm… ask someone to shed some light on the subject, don’t you?

9. ‘Humping my bluey’, is:
c) Carrying a bag.

From hump, which means to carry… and bluey, which is a another term for a swag, or bag.

10. The common meaning of ‘a slab’ is:
b) A quantity of beer.

 It just weighs about as much as a concrete block. Bought usually when more than two people are expected for Sunday lunch.

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