24 Sep 2010

Valkaos även i Nya Zeeland

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Whale chaos in New Zealand too – The header is only witty in Swedish refering to the election chaos that is going on in Sweden right now and the word for election and whale is the same thing in Swedish. Sorry for trying to be funny it’s really tragic news but I couldn’t help myself.

Last week between 70-80 whales were found stranded on Karikari Beach in a bay in northern New Zealand. Only nine of them survived. Although 13 whales were refloated, a day after they were found stranded in the sand, four were unable to make their way out to sea and had to be put down.

All the whales were pilot whales which apparently are very social animals which leads to frequent mass stranding incidents like this one. It is believed that these particular NZ whales became stranded at nighttime at the beach. With nobody seeing them, it lead to the dozens of whales dying before a rescue could occur. Rescuing them is of course not easy either considering their size, adult males can reach up to 6.1 m and weigh up to 3 tons and adult females measure up to 4.9 m and weigh up to 1.5 tons.

Rescuers try to lift a stranded Pilot Whale
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    åh, med gud så hemskt! man blir så ledsen när stackars hjälplösa djur råkar illa ut!

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