23 Sep 2010

Personal identification number

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I’m so sick of everything being so difficult. I wrote about how I, earlier this month (on the 8th), called the Tax agency to find out what was going on with Simon’s application for his personal identification number – HERE. I of course should have insisted on them checking the application because when I called them again today, since we still haven’t heard anything and it now has been over 5 weeks, I was informed that is was already processed and registered and a decision was apparently sent to us on the 31st of August.We haven’t received any papers! Our mailbox must be some kind of black hole since important papers seem to disappear (this and earlier this summer all invoices from Halebop). That or we have the crappiest mail man in the world because Simon’s name has been on the box this whole entire time. Let’s hope attempt number two of sending the papers works better. At least she told me the four last digits so that we hopefully can get started without actually having the physical paper.

It just makes me so upset, Simon could have probably started studying Swedish by now and he would have had a bank account for weeks. I called about the SFI classes today and found out that Simon can start studying within a month after he applies which might mean he has to wait another couple of weeks before he can begin. At least we can print an application form HERE, fill in and mail together with a copy of the residence permit (with snail mail, what’s wrong with email?) or drop off in their mailbox this week to get the process going.

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  1. Reply Anders says:

    Klarar inte Simon av att prata i telefon själv?? Sverige är ju faktiskt ett land där de flesta pratar engelska….???

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