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01 Sep 2010

Sverige vs Australia #11

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I think it’s time for another difference between Sweden and Australia. This one was a big issue the weekend of my 30th party. Simon couldn’t believe that you couldn’t buy ice at the supermarket or petrol station. How is the beer going to stay cold then?! So how do Swedes get their ice? Well, we make it ourselves….and yes it takes a lot longer time and requires a lot of space in the freezer to get up to the quantity a bag of ice will give you. But during wintertime we just use the snow!

To be fair though we did end up buying ice for the party from the local fish market. The beer smelt a bit fishy but who cares 😛 Still this point goes to Australia, I agree…it’s very handy to be able to buy a bag of ice!

Update 2010-10-30 We found ice!!

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